The Amritsar region is home to over 25,000 factories where goods including woolen blankets, embroidered clothing, perishables, carpets, shawls, printed textiles from the local cuisine are manufactured and exported. It is also one of the state government’s twenty priority industrial estates. Due to its central location in Punjab and its excellent infrastructure (particularly its schools and hospitals), Amritsar has great potential for further development.

These factors give the city a good chance of attracting real estate investments in the foreseeable future:

The promotion of cultural and religious tourism as a means of fostering closer ties between peoples

  • Advances in industry are a boon to the economy.
  • Topping Round 2 of the Smart City Challenge
  • Enhancing Public Institutions of Learning and Healing
  • Typical business establishments in Amritsar include malls, factories, and shopping centers.

The city’s commercial market wasn’t really especially dependent on office space, and the majority of real estate demand in recent years has been for single-family homes, farms, and factories.