Terms & Conditions

On this page, you will find the terms & conditions associated with the use of https://www.citywity.in/. You must read the information carefully and ensure that you abide by the same. Please note that on this page, we, us or ours, is referred to the CityWity.in.

Access to this website is dependent on your acceptance of the terms & conditions. You are authorized to access the website if you agree with the terms & conditions. Otherwise, you are requested to please exit the website. These terms & conditions apply to all users and visitors. By moving any further or accessing the website, you agree to accept the terms & conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the content, material, text, information and photographs on the website CityWity.in belongs to us. It is our intellectual property, and hence it is protected by the trademark, copyright and other laws associated with the intellectual property. You are only authorized to use this website for informational purposes. Apart from this, you are not allowed to use the website for any purpose that may violate privacy rights or public rights. You are also advised to ensure that you do not copy any content from the website without prior authorization from us. In case of any infringement, plagiarism or copyright issues, we reserve the right to block/blacklist you and/or initiate legal action against you.

If you are submitting business information on our website for updating the listing, you need to ensure that all the information is accurate. We will be verifying the information post submission, and we are authorized to approve or deny the permission to mark the listing on our website. The final decision lies with the administrator of this website. At the same time, while submitting the information on our website, you authorize us to use the images, logo and other information related to your business. In case of denial of such permission, we reserve the right to remove the business listing from the website. If you believe any of this to be a copyright violation, you are requested to reach out to us to remove such material immediately.

URL to External Sites

You will find many external URLs on our website, and please understand that we don’t have any control over the material hosted on their website. We verified the details before adding those external URLs to our website, but the information may change in the meantime. We also take no responsibility for such content and policies of the external website. You are requested to avail services or visit the external domains at your own risk.

By using the website, you also acknowledge and agree to the fact that CityWity.in is not responsible for any loss/damage associated with financial, material or life. The cause of any such loss or damage could be direct or indirect. As mentioned earlier, you are the best judge, and you need to avail services at your discretion.

Local Laws

We at CityWity.in follow all the local laws associated with the data protection act and other local laws. If any point in these terms & conditions is held invalid by the court, the remaining sections will still be valid.

Future Updates

The terms and conditions associated with CityWity.in may change anytime, and you are requested to visit the page frequently to understand the changes. We are not liable to inform you about the change in the privacy policy, disclaimer or terms and conditions associated with the website. If you want us to remove any material, you are supposed to notify us and give us a 30 day prior notice. The change will be based on the assessment and the nature of change.

If you have questions about the terms & conditions, you are requested to contact us.