In the region of Bardhaman, where the town of Durgapur is situated, both farming and industry contribute to the local economy. Although 58% of the people is dependent on the agriculture sector for their livelihood, the non-agricultural sector contributes an impressive 42% to the district’s total GDP. Lastly, the generation of hydroelectric power from The Damodar Valley Plan has made a substantial contribution to Durgapur’s economy.

Over the years, Durgapur has grown into a major educational centre that rivals that of nearby Kolkata. As the information technology industry in Kolkata has expanded, a new neighborhood called Bidhan Nagar has sprung up in the city, modeled after the nearby Salt Lake neighborhood.

Durgapur is quickly becoming one of the region’s megacities as it experiences unprecedented growth in the areas of property, information technology, and education. Government insiders predict that the Durgapur area will quickly emerge as┬áthe most desirable locations in the state in which to set up shop.