Ghaziabad is a well-industrialized city of Ghaziabad, located about 1.5 km from the eastern side of the Hindon River, and covered by Meerut and Delhi. The city has an advanced level Telecom Training Center. Many of the top industries of Ghaziabad are engaged in the manufacture of diesel engines, railway coaches, glassware, cycles, heavy chains, pottery, tapestries, etc. At present, the city has a large number of multiplexes and has improved shopping malls, flyovers and road conditions. As of the 2006 report, Ghaziabad has been listed among the top 10 most dynamic Indian cities across the world.

Business and IT sectors, as well as engineering and management institutes, have been developed in this city. Municipal corporations are also taking initiatives for the welfare of the city. Being an important part of NCR in northern India, it has chosen its style and pace. The city is also transforming into an urban culture of beauty parlours, fashion and gymnasiums to promote healthy lifestyles.