Best Hair Salon in Thiruvananthapuram

Are you looking for best hair salon in Thiruvananthapuram? Here we have come with the list of top hair salon in Thiruvananthapuram. With the help of this details you can find the nearest hair salon in your city.

Are you the one who loves pampering your hair from time to time? Well, if that is the case then you need to visit a hair salon. Don’t know which hair salon to visit? Then check out the complete list of best hair salon and visit one today.

Here are the key features and services of a good hair salon:

  • Offers hair treatment
  • Hair color
  • Hair styling
  • Haircut
  • Has experienced staff
  • Promises quality work

A reputable hair salon will also provide additional, unique services. Among these are solutions for dealing with full-volume hair or a certain ethnic hair type. You should visit a hair salon which employs enough stylists to keep the waiting time to a minimum. Pick your hairdresser intelligently for the finest results.

Rave Salon & Spa

Address: Ansura Heights, 2nd Floor, opposite Vaiyduthi Bhavan – KSEB, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695004

Contact: +91-6235033933


Address: TC 9/1020, Mark Towers, Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695010

Contact: +91-9645255555

Ashtamudi Beauty Salon

Address: TC 27, 1st Floor Radha Nivas, 1403, Nandavanam Rd, near Museum, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695033

Contact: +91-9136222444

How To Find The Best Hair Salon and

Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to recover from a bad experience with a previous hair stylist, finding the right person to cut your hair or for a hair service may be a time-consuming process.

Find out how to pick the best hair salon below:

Check online ratings of salon

The level of professionalism offered by a beauty shop can be inferred from its online profiles. Customer reviews posted on a business’s Facebook page tend to be genuine and written by real customers. You should avoid trying your luck at salons with poor ratings because the highest rated service has a 3+ rating.

Get referrals

Because most people are overly critical of themselves, nothing has more of an impact than a personal endorsement. New hairstyles are met with resistance. So, it is possible to make a suggestion based on the referrals.

Then, inquire as to whether or not your acquaintance has lately gotten a fantastic haircut, and from which salon they often acquire their services. Nevertheless, if a loved one or friend is gushing about their new hairdo, you could inquire as to where they were serviced. 

Get your consultation

You should inquire about free consultations when you call your preferred hair and beauty clinics. Most high-end salons actually offer this service.

Consultations are a vital part of the stylist-client relationship. For those who desire a hair treatment but aren’t sure which salon delivers the best service, a preliminary visit will help.

Let them show you the variety of hair spa services they offer. Ask them questions to learn more about the products they use. On the basis of this data, hairstylists can then advise you on which treatment or service is ideal for your hair.

Visit social media pages

If you’re feeling confident about a decision you have to take, don’t look for reassurance here and there.

Go on as usual! Google their name and stalk them on social media. This is superior to word-of-mouth recommendations because you get to check out the salons personally.

Scroll down the salons’ Instagram accounts that are enticingand get reassured of your choice.

Search for hair stylists and local salons online

Have in mind the ideal salon you’re searching for while you browse. You can use search terms like “curly hair” and “best hair cut” to narrow down the results and find a salon that best meets your needs.

Hashtags on social networking sites can also be used to discover and follow stylists in your area. 

Be clear

If you have a clearer idea of the look or service you’re going for, finding a hair salon that can give you that will be much easier to narrow down. Maybe there’s a salon in the area staffed by all the greatest stylists. The hairstylist, however, might not be familiar with the specific hair coloring technique you have in mind. So be clear with them about the type of hair service you want.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Do you give free hair advice?

Before deciding if a particular salon is the appropriate fit for you, they believe it is crucial that you have the opportunity to learn about their staff and receive helpful guidance.

Schedule some time to meet with a Stylist at no cost to you. Making a consultation with them is completely voluntary.

Q2. How to book your services?

One can book their hair salon services on call.

Q3. How your services are priced?

The hair salon services are priced on the basis of service requested by a client. For example a hair cut service will be priced at fewer prices, as compared to hair color service.