The urban center of Ludhiana is situated on the southern bank of the River Sutlej, approximately 140 kilometers south of Amritsar. Knitwear, woolen goods, and garments are among the products made in the country, as well as industries, machinery parts, vehicle parts, household appliances, and other items. It was during the time of the Emperors of Lodi in the fifteenth century that the town of Ludhiana was established.

As a resident or visitor of Ludhiana, you can avail several services like home maintenance, plumbing, cleaning, beauty, dry cleaning etc.

If you are in Ludhiana, you should pay a visit to the Punjab University Of agriculture, which is spread across 1,500 acres and is home to the fascinating Gallery of Rural Life that shows traditional ceramics, musical instruments, and Punjabi clothing. Agribusiness was established in 1962 with goal of increasing the profit and efficiency of the agriculture industry. Another popular attraction is the yearly Kisan Mela, which draws farmers from all around the state to participate.