Mainstays of Mohali’s economy are factories like Punjab Communications Limited, ICI Paints, and Punjab Tractor Limited.

Telecommunications companies including Tata Communications, Vodafone, and the Godrej Group all have offices in SAS Nagar. Companies like Quark and Philips, who operate on a global scale, are helping to expand SAS Nagar’s role as a facilitator of multinational enterprises.

Colorado-based Quark, Inc. has invested $500 million (190,000 square meters) to develop QuarkCity in the SAS Nagar neighborhood. The city spans 46 acres (180,000 square meters), 30% of which is dedicated to a residential complex. The project’s goal was to create 25,000 direct plus 100,000 indirect positions. Moreover, it features a Free Trade Zone and one¬†Special Economic Zone.¬† It lies 265 kilometres (165 miles) north of New Delhi, the capital of India