Mysore is one of the largest districts in Karnataka, the state of India. It was the earlier capital of the Kingdom of Mysore until 1947. The cultural capital of the Karnataka, Mysore houses many commercial, educational, heritage monuments and administrative centres. Many great music composers, musicians, Sanskrit scholars, dancers, and writers were born here. The city has become a centre of attraction due to its harmony of lakes, landmarks, buildings, parks and open spaces.

Due to the number of palaces in the city, it is known as the City of Palaces. Tourists from all over the world come here to celebrate the Dussehra festival with pomp. Mysore has been home to industries such as carving, sandalwood, weaving, production of lime & salt, and bronze work since the ancient period. According to the business arm of India Today and Business Today, Mysore was 5th city in India that conduct business. It constantly emerged as the destination of the tourism industry in Karnataka attracts more than 1 million tourists every year.