Noida or New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is one of the busiest and essential cities of the UP. It was formed during the controversial Emergency period under the UP Industrial Area Development Act. Today, the city has made incredible growth in terms of service and infrastructure and is considered one of the best places for the software and education sector. There are even many MNCs, IT, software and manufacturing businesses.

Noida earned a lot of reputation for its Special Economic Zone which helps in taking manufacturing and business to new heights as a whole. Apart from all this, it is home to great shopping malls, evergreen local markets, churches, temples, gurudwaras, museums, art galleries etc.

The place is also popular for its tourist attractions due to the closure of Delhi. After the inauguration of Blue Line under the Delhi Metro, metro services is also started to the general public. From cabs to autos, transport, including buses, railway services is always ready to reach your destination.