Best Oncologist in Thrissur

Are you looking for best oncologist in Thrissur? Here we have come with the list of top oncologist in Thrissur. With the help of this details you can find the nearest oncologist in your city.

The study of malignant tumors is known as oncology. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, it is highly recommended that you seek out the services of an oncologist. Cancer specialist is another term for what an oncologist does.

The key role of an oncologist includes:

A patient’s care is overseen by an oncologist from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. The first step is to determine the problem. Some of the things they do:

  • Suggesting diagnostic procedures for establishing a cancer diagnosis
  • Defining the nature and extent of a cancer diagnosis
  • Discussing all available treatment choices and settling on one
  • Providing excellent medical attention with empathy
  • Aiding in the control of cancer as well as its treatment’s associated symptoms

Dr Mithun Chacko John

Address: Anjangady, East Fort, Pallikkulam, Thrissur, Kerala 680005

Contact: +91-9717013776

Dr. Sreera

Address: Amala Hospital, Amalanagar, Thrissur, Kerala 680555

Contact: +91-487 2307020

Dr Anoob John

Address: Amalanagar, Thrissur, Kerala 680555

Contact: Not Available