The doctors who specialize in eye treatment are called ophthalmologists. The scope of ophthalmology is not just restricted to eye diseases, and there are multiple specialties in ophthalmology. Ophthalmologists test even the eyesight. Many people prefer going to an ophthalmologist instead of getting the eyes tested at any general optician. This helps them with a thorough eye check-up, and hence it helps detect any condition earlier. There are many good eye hospitals and ophthalmologists in the country, and some of them have branches in many cities.

If you are also suffering from any eyesight-related condition or just looking for an ophthalmologist for a general check-up, this page is for you. We have reviewed and compiled a list of the top ophthalmologists in your city. You can go through these lists, which would help you find a reliable doctor for yourself or your loved one. Finding the best doctor means a better diagnosis and a better treatment.