Panipat is a well-known city in Haryana which is popular for its perceptible industrial development and glorious history. Being one of the historical cities, Panipat consistently attracts thousands of visitors every year. The city has historical monuments, many religious places, ancient museums and more. Most of these places were designed in the Mughal architectural style. Some of the major attractions of Panipat are Hemu Samadhi Sthal, the famous Kabuli Bagh, religious places in Panipat, Shri Devi Temple, Kabuli Shah Masjid etc.

Apart from these, the city is also popular for its textile and handloom industry. Tons of blankets are supplied to the Indian Armed Forces every year from here. Another best thing about Panipat is that it has gained worldwide popularity for its refinery for Indian Oil Corporation and heavy industries. Being a textile city, it has many local weavers showing their art and creativity on cloth which are admired by the people across the country. The city is home to communities such as Brahmins, Tyagis, Jats and Gujjars.