After the coronavirus, many people felt the after-effects of covid. The main reason for such after-effects was pneumonia and respiratory stress. In such a case, the internal medicine doctor is not sufficient. Moreover, you prefer to visit a specialist who can give you better guidance and treatment whenever you have any disease. The doctors who specialize in the respiratory system are called pulmonologists. They can help you deal with issues related to your windpipe, throat, lungs, and other parts of the respiratory system. It is also important to find the best pulmonologist to get the proper treatment. To help you find the best pulmonologist, we at CityWity have done our homework. After all the research, we have compiled the list of the best pulmonologists available in the country. We have also shared the contacts details so that you can reach out to them for booking an appointment. You can check out the list and contact the doctor according to your requirements.