With the help of theĀ (GIDC) and the Gujarat State Financial Corporation, Rajkot has become a thriving industrial hub that helps to the growth of Gujarat’s economy (GSFC). The city’s industries create a wide variety of goods, including diesel engine, kitchen shears, automobile parts, industrial machinery tools, and software development, but it is best known for its textiles industry, silk embroidery, jewellery designs, and watch parts.

It also boasts one of India’s largest gold and silver marketplaces and is famous for its gold jewellery. It is the largest manufacturer of oil engine, investments castings, forgings, hardware items, silver jewellery, and pharmaceuticals in India. The city of Rajkot’s many ongoing infrastructure initiatives not only benefit the Indian economy as a whole, but also the regional commercial sector.

The city of Rajkot is well-known all over the world for its contributions to the forging and casting industries. The city’s intricate supply chains for making things like vehicles, electric motors, machine tools, etc. have helped it rise in economic importance in recent years.