Secunderabad’s economy relies heavily on the many major and small-scale industries that have set up shop in the city, as well as the numerous Information Technology firms that have created jobs for the local young. Uppal, Ghatkesar, Nacharam, Moula-Ali, Bolarum, etc. are some of the most important industrial regions in Secunderabad.

Close to Secunderabad are a number of Department of Atomic Energy facilities, such as the ECIL, Nuclear Fuel Complex, and AMD.

The land in and around Secunderabad and Hyderabad is ideal for growing cotton. Officials in the agricultural sector are concerned that the region’s high cotton production and the market price of various sorts of cotton may stunt the development of pulses as well as other crops. Most of the cotton grown there is Bt-cotton, which may fetch upwards of INR 4,000 per quintal. Cotton harvests benefit from favourable rainfall. Farmers have found success and stability in this region since farming is a perennial occupation.