Surat is also known by the name of Saurashtra. Saurashtra means “good land.” It is a port town. For a long time, Saurashtra has been known for its diamond collection. For a long time, Surat has been known for its diamond collection. It is a great hub for textiles. It is also called the City of Flyovers. If you are interested in colonial history, you must come to this place. It has a lot of silk-weaving centres. You will find a wide variety of silk items in this city. This place is a major attraction for tourists. The place is always crowded with sellers and buyers.

You will find a lot of markets that are flooded with local items and products. You would love to shop at these places. You will love to try the local foods and items. The Diamond Gallery is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Surat. Surat can be the best family destination for people.