Gujarat’s 3rd┬álargest city, Vadodara, is situated on the river bank Vishwamistri, which is known as the cultural centre of Gujarat and a hub of educational activity.

VADAPRADAKA, which literally translates to “Village Surrounded by Banyan Trees,” was the name given to Vadodara when it was first established. There has been human occupation in this area since prehistoric times, according to archaeological evidence. Following the Imperial Guptas, Vadodara moved through hands of several rulers, before falling into the hands of the Marathas.

Vadodara owes its splendour to Maharaja Sayajirao , a brilliant ruler, a social reformer, and a lover of the arts, architecture, and music who reigned from 1857 to 1913. He was the one who envisioned the growth and development of Vadodara.

In today’s world, Vadodra is a city filled with palaces, parks, and industrial behemoths. One can find several industrial sectors, private and government jobs, retail shops, beauty and care services, plumbers, carpentry, interior designing etc.