Visakhapatnam, the capital of Andhra Pradesh and the state’s largest city, is a tropical haven that sprawls over the beautiful seas of Bay of Bengal. It is surrounded by stunning waterfalls, rich forests, and scenic hill stations and its beaches are kissed by calm waters.

The city is known for its stretches of golden sand. It is home to the country’s oldest shipyard, as well as ancient temples and stunning caves.

The city’s primary attraction is a submarine that has been converted into a museum, which is a one of a sort in Asia. Discovering life in the ocean’s deepest recesses as you go through the numerous rooms that house displays depicting the same can be a fascinating and educational experience.

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 A visit to the Borra caverns, which are one of the biggest in the country, is a treat for adventure seekers who can walk to the deepest parts of the tunnels, which are warmly illuminated. There are numerous parks and gardens throughout the city, where visitors may relax and take in the beauty.