VJ Portia Grande Review

There aren’t many peaceful places remaining, but getting a home is crucial. When I was looking for a home in Pune to relocate from Mumbai, I was worried about multiple things like getting a new home, a new job, transportation, and facilities. I was unsure about anything, and my fear of not getting a house was natural. But with God’s Grace, I came across VJ Portia Grande, a beautiful and lavish place in Pune.

Pune was a safe spot for me cause my village is close to Pune, and being close to your Village was an advantage for me. I managed to create a balance between a modern life and a traditional life where I can enjoy the modern amenities, and whenever I feel like going to my village, I can quickly go and have fun there. My planning was proper, but it took me a considerable amount of time to find a reliable apartment close to my Village.

I wanted a place near Baner, Pune, and this was the best area I could look at. Pune had this fantastic view, which I was searching for, and greenery all around, which made the place more appealing. There are modern amenities offered with the house, which was quite convenient for me and my partner. The area had everything aligned, and I was sure how I wanted my home to be. The amount I paid here was reliable and cost-adequate for me.


The place offered 4+ BHK, and I could finally get my family here. There were modern amenities with a beautiful view, and there were 2 Buildings with 136 units. The project area is 2.00 acres, and there’s gated security for safety. The project was about to be completed by 2027, and the layout looked appealing. I had to spend ₹4.5 Crores for this flat, and I was ready to invest in the amount.  There was also an option of EMI starting from ₹3.36 Lakh / Month.

How was Vj Portia Grande a suitable investment for me?

VJ Portia Grande, the name itself was fabulous, and I was sure this place would be perfect for me. When I was running my business in Mumbai, I didn’t have a great location, but now that I have a new home in a city like Pune, I am satisfied. If I talk about the process of getting this home, I was finding apartments online, looking for references, and whatnot, but then a friendly platform helped me to get this home here.

The investment was crucial because I’ll be living with my partner and my family all together and having ten people with me; I needed a big and lavish home where everyone can live peacefully together. The

Vj Portia Grande came in as a perfect choice cause I knew what I wanted, and this place offered everything I needed. The apartment is Near JSF Cricket Ground, Balewadi Rd, Baner, Pune, and being near Baner was crucial for me and my family. Apart from everything, multiple relatives lived in Pune, so my parents could quickly meet them.

Amenities At Vj Portia Grande

As I told you, one of my main reasons to get a home here is that I have everything I need. Firstly, a lavish 4 BHK for my family and a beautiful space near the place I desired. Talking about the investment, the area had everything from essential to advanced-level amenities. There was gated security, bike car parking, fire safety, CCTV surveillance, and fresh air.

I have a gym where I can work, a power backup, a servant room, a children’s play area, and swimming to relax and have fun whenever I want. There was Rainwater harvesting, which was something new, and also Intercom and Maintenance staff. There was a Sewage treatment plant and Indoor games for people who love to play.

Living at Vj Portia Grande will be like a dream coming true, as I’ve heard a lot about Vilas Javdekar Builder. I was sure that this was going to be the perfect home, which was going to change everything for me and my family. Multiple elements needed to be addressed, and I was tensed from the start to get a home that would offer a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Still, NoBroker’s verified property listings made it pretty easy. If you’re looking for unique places in Pune, head to Nobroker.in.

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