Where To Watch 2024 T20 World Cup When Outdoors

It’s no hidden secret that the country of India absolutely loves cricket. It’s the country’s national sport, and it’s home to the Indian Premier League, one of the top cricket leagues in the world. And so again, it’s expected and no surprise at all that when the T20 Cricket World Cup rolls around, it will be a very big event in India. They kick off their World Cup campaign this year on June 5 by playing Ireland. Also in their group are their rivals, Pakistan, along with Canada and the United States. India also has a rather young population that does like betting online, so we can anticipate that there will be strong support and some wagering behind India winning the World Cup. There are many places where you can check 2024 T20 World Cup winner odds.

Where can you watch the World Cup?


And likewise, when India is playing, there is going to be a shortage of viewers wanting to cheer on their home country. But you may be wondering where in India you can go to watch the national team play. Well, today we are going to look at some of the best outdoor venues where you can watch the T20 World Cup, whether you’re wanting to watch some or all of India’s games or if you’re wanting to watch other matches throughout the tournament. Well, if you’re out and about and you can’t get to any of these venues, if you do have a smartphone, there are various services that are going to provide streaming coverage for the entire T20 World Cup.

Streaming Platforms

The app that is providing live streaming coverage of the tournament is the Disney+ Hotstar application, which can be downloaded for free. And what’s even better is that they are going to be providing the streaming service for the World Cup at no cost at all to the end user. That means that no matter where you are in India, whether you’re on the train or out on a walk, if you have a smartphone or tablet that can download mobile apps, you can watch your country during the T20 World Cup without having to pay anything, which is a really good bonus.

Where it’s being hosted

The only thing that you have to bear in mind, specifically if you live in India, is that the World Cup this year is being co-hosted between both the United States and the West Indies, which brings along with it a noticeable time difference that you will have to take into account, meaning that you could indeed end up watching the games at unsociable hours. Particularly when they are being held in the United States. With the US being between 9 and 12 hours behind and the West Indies 2 hours ahead, if you wanted to go and see the T20 World Cup itself, there are still tickets on sale, but with the limited number of seats in the stadiums, it is recommended that you get them sooner rather than later.

Outdoor fan zones

There has yet to be any official announcement in India itself, but it’s anticipated that a lot of the major sporting stadiums with big TV displays and screens will play host to official and unofficial fan zones where fans of cricket can gather en masse to cheer on their team, hopefully to World Cup glory. Likewise, you can expect cricket clubs across the country to have outside fan zones and also inside fan zones as they look forward to what is the biggest sporting event on the calendar for any cricket fan in India. Especially as they are also playing their arch-rivals, Pakistan, in the group stages, which is a game that nobody is going to want to miss.

Moving overseas, if you’re in the USA, you can also stream the World Cup for free outdoors, no matter where you are on WillowTV. With the USA also being in the same group as India, we can also expect this to be a match not to miss for fans of either country. There will also no doubt be plenty of sports bars across the nation that will also be broadcasting and showing cricket live, as the country is home to countless numbers of sports bars.

The new tournament format

Hopefully this has given you an insight today as to the options for watching the T20 Cricket World Cup if you’re outdoors, whether you want to stream it on your phone if you’re out on the move or just relaxing in a park in the sun, or if you want to watch it in a bar or fan zone alongside other cricket fans. The World Cup itself runs until June 29, after initially starting on June 1. What also makes this tournament special is that this is the first time 20 teams are in the tournament. Typically, prior to this, in the 2022 tournament, there were only 16 teams, but the expansion was approved, and now we get to see 20 teams competing for the illustrious and prestigious World Cup. However, for fans, this can be seen in two ways: more matches to watch and more competitors to beat in order to try and lift the trophy.

In Summary

The new format of 20 teams means that there are four groups of five teams. India, Ireland, Canada, the U.S., and Pakistan make up one of these teams. From here, the top two teams from each group will then progress to the knockout stages. Which then end up being two semi-finals, with the winner of each of these progressing to the final. India themselves earned qualification by being one of the top 8 teams from the previous tournament held back in 2022 in Australia alongside fellow group team Pakistan. The USA, who are also in their group, qualified as hosts alongside the West Indies. Ireland qualified through the European qualifiers. And so, to wrap it all up, we hope you’re as excited as we are to see this World Cup and where India ends up.

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