Top 10 Best Cooking Oil Brands in India

Any food that we cook in the kitchen needs edible oil. We need oil as a basic ingredient everywhere, whether it be for fried food or any type of curry dish. Without edible oils in our kitchen, we can’t even contemplate making any recipes. Any food item should be prepared with the proper edible oil because it improves the dish’s flavor and scent. We hope to present you with the many edible oil brands available in India with this post.

In India, the market growth for edible oils is now at an all-time high. It adheres to a 15% yearly compound annual growth rate. Many foreign producers of edible oils are expressing interest in breaking into the Indian market. Many dietary oils give our bodies the vital vitamins and minerals they need. High-quality edible oils help to maintain good cholesterol levels and protect our bodies against diseases of the heart, skin, and other organs.

Best Cooking Oil

However, we must guarantee that food products are of the highest calibre. Similarly to this, if you purchase any edible oil, search for a product with excellent quality and strong brand recognition. If we take the possibilities for edible oils into account, India has a large number of oil brands. These refined or vegetable oil manufacturers use their brand images to convey the oil’s quality. Here, let’s talk about some of the top Indian brands of edible oil.

List of Top Cooking Oil Brands in India

Brand Name Established Year Head Office Location
Fortune 1989 Nashik
Saffola by Marico 1990 Mumbai
Dhara 2000 New Delhi
Figaro by Deoleo 1919 Mumbai
Sundrop 1990 Hyderabad
Dalda 1937 Dalmiapuram
Oleev 1974 New Delhi
Emami 1983 Kolkata
Patanjali 2006 Delhi
Nature Pure 2011 Delhi

It can be challenging to choose the best edible oil brand among the many that are offered. Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of India’s top 10 brands of edible oils.  Do you want to know what the greatest brand of edible oils is? Next, we located you. Here is a list of the top brands of edible oil that are offered in India. Make your shopping simple by reading the list!

1. Fortune


For regular use, this Fortuna edible oil is a light and healthy alternative. This oil says it is simple to digest. Additionally, it is a healthy choice for your heart. This vitamin-rich edible oil helps to maintain healthy skin. The immune system is also strengthened by light oil. One of the most popular brands of edible oil on the Indian market right now is Fortune. Since the Adani Wilmar Group developed this brand in 2000, it has a reputable past. The company offers a range of cooking oils, including groundnut oil, mustard oil, rice bran oil, and sunflower oil. The oil offers significant health benefits because it is full of fatty acids that are good for heart antioxidants.

2. Saffola


The reputable brand Saffola, which is a product of Marico, is listed as the number two brand of cooking oil in India. It is produced using the ground-breaking Losorb technology, which reduces the body’s ability to absorb oil. Saffola is available in a variety of forms, including Active, Gold, and Total. The benefits of two oils are combined in one consumable oil. Rice bran & safflower oil are components. It contains more nutritious ingredients and has a healthy ratio of lipids, MUFAs, and PUFAs. Oryzanol, which helps to maintain cholesterol levels, is also included in the oil. Additionally, vegetable oil has an excellent antioxidant system to support improved immunity.

3. Dhara


One of the top edible oils in India, Dhara has gained recognition for its superior quality. It has gotten a lot of recognition because all of its items are 100% original. Compared to conventional cooking oils, its low-absorption technology enables food to absorb less oil. Dhara, another well-known brand of cooking oil in India, has been produced by Mother Dairy since the yeara 1988 and is currently one of the market leaders. To safeguard the health of its customers, the Dhara brand offers mustard, soybean, and groundnut oils that are produced utilizing Low Absorb Technology.

4. Figaro


Spanish company Figaro rose to the top spot among olive oil brands in India. Rafael Trujillo and Euvaldo Martinez Brugier started it in 1919. The company first entered India approximately forty years ago and has since been incredibly well-known for its top-notch goods. The oil can be used to prepare hearty meals as well as to apply to your skin and hair. This olive oil is prepared from hand-picked olives and has a harmonious flavor and scent. This oil is perfect for all cooking methods, including shallow frying, deep frying, and sautéing. It has antioxidants, MUFA, and PUFA elements that can help control cholesterol. Additionally, the packaging for this oil pack is robust and UV-resistant.

5. Sundrop


As one of the global leaders in Indian cooking oil, Sundrop has been around since 1989. This refined oil is fortified with vitamins, oryzanol, and essential fatty acids and is offered in healthful varieties like Sundrop Lite, Sundrop Heart, and Sundrop Nutrilite. Groundnut, Sunflower, & refined Corn Oil are just a few of the nutritious oils that Sundrop Edible Oil provides in India. Agro Tech Foods Limited, an Indian corporation, owns Sundrop Oil, with ConAgra Foods Inc. holding a 51.3% stake. The brand’s cooking oil is known for being a good source of vital fatty acids, oryzanol, and vitamins. This is the best oil for frying.

6. Dalda


The American agribusiness & food corporation Bunge Limited, which owns the Dalda brand of cooking oil, enjoys enormous popularity in India. The best brand of cooking oil for diabetics is Dalda. The list includes a few standout choices like vanaspati oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, and sunflower oil. According to studies, using Dalda oil lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. One of the most well-known cooking oil brands in the nation, Dalda offers consumers a wide range of options. These include vanaspati oil, which is the most widely used, sunflower oil, mustard oil, soybean oil, and oil from sunflower seeds.

7. Oleev

Among the top olive oil brands in India is Oleev, which is operated by Modi Naturals. Since its establishment in 1974, the company has left a lasting impression on the Indian oil sector. Under this category, you may find a wide assortment of delectable and healthful oils, like rice bran oil and olive oil. For regular cooking, Oleev Active Oil is an excellent combination of rice bran oil and olive oil. This is an excellent oil to use when preparing your everyday meals if you are concerned about your health. It features an energocules formulation that gives you all-day energy and activity. Additionally, it features Sci-fi technology, which makes it perfect for deep frying.

8. Emami


Emami is well-known to the public due to its well-liked antibacterial cream, Boro Plus. R.S. started in the year 1974. Agarwal and Goenka. The company sells food, medicine, and healthcare products in more than 65 nations worldwide. In 2020, Emami brought in over 20,000 Crore rupees in sales and continued to grow thanks to its excellent goods. From the finest seeds, Emami oil is produced. Its lack of cholesterol and abundance of vitamins will help you maintain a constant state of good health. It is conveniently available in pouch packing either online or at your local retailer. Omega 3 and vitamins A, D, & E are abundant. It also comes in a bottle that is simple to handle.

9. Patanjali


Due to the well-known yoga master Baba Ramdev, Patanjali had significant growth in the Indian market. Balkrishna & Baba Ramdev launched the company in 2006, and it specialized in developing natural and ayurvedic items. Under this brand, you may get ayurvedic medications, food items, grocery items, and grooming products. It is a preferred option for many Indians because of its affordable prices. Your meals will taste much better thanks to the rich flavor of this oil. When compared to heavily processed oil, which just raises cholesterol levels, it is a healthier option. You may use it in your daily cooking and even salads. Because it has little cholesterol, your heart health is maintained.

10. Nature Pure

Nature Pure

Cargill India introduced Nature Fresh in 2012, and since then there has been no turning back. The company focuses on developing items that are tasty and healthy for you. This brand offers high-nutrient atta and oils that are of excellent quality. For regular cooking, Nature Fresh oil is a fantastic option. It doesn’t feel overly oily and has a pretty light consistency. Indian cuisine benefits from the oil’s use. It results in cooked food absorbing 15% less oil. It also contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, & E.


Cooking delicious and healthy dishes requires the use of high-quality oils. Based on their contents, extraction techniques, taste, and quality, we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest cooking oil brands available in India in this article. We first did extensive research on them after a lot of study time. Only after that we have picked and presented them out of the other available brands. We hope you like our best cooking oil picks.

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