Top 10 Best Essential Oil Brands in India

Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquids that contains volatile (easily dissipated at normal temperatures) plant chemical components. Essential oils are volatile oils, aetheroleum, or simply the oil derived from the plant, such as clove oil. Essential oils are important in that it retains the core of the plant’s smell—the distinctive aroma of the plant which it is obtained from.

Are you trying to find a sustainable way to keep energized and feel refreshed? By using essential oils in your beauty routine to nurture your skin, you may turn your “me” time into a revitalizing aromatherapy session. Essential oils are concentrated fluids that are produced by removing contaminants of roots, nuts, leaves, flowers,  resin, bark, or fruits of trees and plants.

There is a high demand for oils in the market. As a result, during the past ten years, numerous businesses have begun to offer essential oils for both personal and commercial use. However, a select few athletes consistently provide top-notch quality and provide the desired outcomes. The best ten essential oil brands you can find in India are shown here, along with some key information. You can easily find all the different kinds of essential oils on this list at affordable costs.

List of Top Essential Oil Brands in India

Essential Oil Brands

Brand Year Established Registered Office
1. VedaOils 2018 Delhi
2. Aroma Magic 1993 New Delhi
3. Aroma Treasure 2000 Mumbai
4. Natures Natural India 2016 Ghaziabad
5. Ayurspace 2016 Bengaluru
6. Juicy Chemistry 2015 Coimbatore
7. Organix Mantra 2016 Hyderabad
8. Forest Essentials 2000 New Delhi
9. Kama Ayurveda 2002 Coimbatore
10. Khadi Natural 1918 New Delhi

A few droplets of essential oils having healing characteristics can provide a variety of health advantages, from relieving stress to reducing congestion to promoting sleep. The items described below may be your best option if you want to keep some of these oils in your house. So let’s begin with the list of the top 10 marketers of essential oils in India!

1. VedaOils


VedaOils has been dominating the essential oil Indian market with a selection of more than 100 different essential oils. It is renowned for offering organic and natural ingredients in its essential oils. This Delhi-based company’s distinctive selling proposition has been its ability to deliver premium essential oils at competitive prices. Get many kinds of essential oils from its online store for massage, skincare, aromatherapy, and other uses! Additionally, you may purchase essential oil mixtures through their online store. Their ability to supply essential oils in bulk has proven to be a valuable tool for business users. You will find varieties of essential oil options on their site, and a user-friendly purchase approach will enable you to get them without any issues.

2. Aroma Magic

Aroma Magic

The distinctive range of various essential oils that Aroma Magic offers is renowned for being created for a variety of purposes. On its portal, you’ll find both very aromatic and calming essential oils. These essential oils also come in eye-catching packaging. Its portal offers a huge selection of essential oils healing inflammation, relaxation, anxiety, etc., and you may order them based on your preferences. About 170 aromatherapy items, including skin, hair, and essential oils, are offered by the company. One of the gentlest and sweetest-smelling essential oils that are also extremely potent is Aroma Magic. 34 various basic oils are available, all of which are designed to reduce stress. Additionally, each kind of oil has distinct advantages of its own.

3. Aroma Treasure

Aroma Treasure

Aroma Treasures is a product that is specifically intended to enrich and refresh your mind and body. Their goods range from vegetable oils to essential oils and are entirely natural oil-based personal grooming products that have been developed after years of scientific research and profound knowledge. The natural extracts used to create these essential oils are taken directly from mother nature. With Aroma Treasures, you can relieve your body of the stress of daily life and go on the path to perfect wellness. You can pick from a vast selection of essential oils, including basil, chamomile, cedarwood, bergamot, camphor, cinnamon, and many others. You can select these oils depending on the type of aroma you prefer, such as citrus, floral, or spicy.

4. Natures Natural India

One of the top providers of essential oils in India is Natures Natural India. You may obtain essential oil from a variety of plants, fruits, leaves, herbs, and other natural sources right here. Additionally, the essential oils are arranged alphabetically on the gateway, making it simple for you to choose your favorites. On their website, you may also find essential oils that are good for allergies and headaches. Essential oils by Natures Natural are loved by many who vouch for their excellent use with various carrier oils.

5. Ayurspace


Ayurspace has so far won over a few consumers with its few but potent essential oils. On its website, essential oils are available in large quantities and at affordable prices. Additionally, a user-friendly interface enables hassle-free essential oil purchases. These qualities motivate us to increase the 10 best essential oil brands you can find in India. You can use Ayurspace essential oils in your humidifier for that perfect relaxing experience and let go of any anxious feelings.

6. Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry

The Indian company called Juicy Chemistry provides you with high-quality goods from other countries without charging you more. They offer body care, skincare, haircare, and personal care brands produced with the best natural components. Juicy Chemistry’s goods are concentrated, devoid of water, and all have ECOCERT organic certification. They also don’t use any added chemicals or even preservatives in the composition. Particularly powerful and beneficial on the skin as well as hair are their essential oils. Their mint essential oil is abundant in antioxidants including phenols and flavonoids, which promote healthy blood flow to the skin and scalp. When used topically, it has a cooling sensation, making it our choice when the temperature rises.

7. Organix Mantra

Organix Mantra

Organix Mantra continues to develop products to keep people at their best while standing for wellness for the mind, body, and spirit. They provide both essential oils & carrier oils in the product line-up, giving you a variety of options. All essential oils are produced via steam distillation on hand-selected plant leaves, petals, and buds to produce extremely strong oils. A special mention should be made of their unadulterated Rosemary Essential Oil because it enhances skin texture and promotes hair development. Since it is manufactured with organic components and is chemical-free, it is also a good choice for aromatherapy. Numerous other benefits include improved blood circulation, less anxiety, and muscle pain relief. Essential oils from the Organix Mantra line can be used with various carrier oils.

8. Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials

With a mysterious touch of history, legend, and folklore, Forest Essentials draws out the Magic Plant Kingdom Experience from the magnificent treasures of nature. Forest Essentials has proven to be one of the famous essential oil companies in India. Some of the main drivers behind it are the attractive packaging, superior quality, and extensive selection. Additionally, Forest Essentials is a well-known business for providing essential oils for anxiety, tension, and other mental difficulties since the aroma of the essential oils they sell is calming and fascinating.

9. Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda

The internationally recognized company, Kama Ayurveda, began to advertise genuine Ayurvedic goods everywhere. Antioxidants and other vital qualities found in Kama Ayurveda oils help you achieve perfect skin. Acne as well as other skin infections are fought off by antibacterial qualities. These fragrant essential oils also boost immunity, which keeps you healthy. Depending on your needs, you can pick from 14 different essential oils. Essential oils designed specifically to alleviate stress, worry, and other mental problems are Kama Ayurveda’s area of expertise. They are good scented oils for sleep since they contain highly fragrant components. The unique selling point of this brand is premium essential oils offered in straightforward yet attractive packaging.

10. Khadi Natural

Khadi Natural

The greatest essential oils for aromatherapy, skin and other applications are available from Khadi Natural in large quantities. Khadi Natural has become one of the leading brands in the market of essential oil area by providing solutions for problems with skin and hair care. Its portal offers essential oils for skin, hair, and aromatherapy. Additionally, you may get these oils from its website, where they are offered at reasonable costs. A leading producer of herbal and entirely natural products is Khadi Natural Health Care. It is sold internationally in more than 25 countries by more than 50 authorized sellers. Essential Oils from Khadi are created using only pure plant extracts from organically produced plants. These are bursting with antioxidants that revitalize your skin and body.

Essential Oil Brands Related FAQs

Q1. Why can’t I use essential oil directly?

Answer: Essential oils can cause irritation or even burn if used undiluted on your sensitive skin or even inside the nasal passages. People who are allergic are more likely to experience a skin rash.

Q2. When should I discontinue using an essential oil?

Answer: Essential oils and anything containing them should be avoided if they cause skin irritation and an allergic reaction. You shouldn’t rely on essential oils instead of medical attention. They can be helpful, but you should check with your doctor first if you are already receiving medical treatment.

Q3. Which essential oil diffuser is good?

Answer: Passive, fan, ultrasonic, and nebulizing diffusers are just some of the options out there. There are a wide variety of brands and styles available for every subset. The optimal diffuser for you will depend heavily on your individual requirements.

Q4. Can I breathe essential oils?

Answer: Essential oils have several applications, including topical use on the skin, fabric application, and aromatic diffusion. However, breathing essential oils is possibly the safest way to reap the advantages of essential oils, and it is also the quickest.

Q5. Can essential oil absorb on my skin?

Answer: The molecules of essential oils are small enough that they can go past the stratum corneum, the skin’s outermost layer, when applied topically. The molecule of this oil then travels through the dermis and into the capillaries before entering the bloodstream.

Q6. Does essential oil expire?

Answer: While essential oils don’t go bad like perishables do, they do evolve over time. It is difficult to know what oils have transformed into, making it difficult to know if they are safe to use. Simply said, you shouldn’t apply or inhale outdated essential oils to your skin.

Q7. Are some of the essential oils flammable?

Answer: The flash point of many essential oils is between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making them a Class 3 Flammable Liquid. Tea tree oil, citrus oil, lavender oil, is just a few examples.


Although most essential oils refresh, rehydrate, as well as brighten your skin, some essential oils might not be advantageous. Citrus oils, cumin oils, and oils derived from mint might irritate the skin, blister it, or result in adverse reactions like hives or itching. Understanding how these oils function is therefore essential before beginning application. It is well-recognized that essential oils have therapeutic uses. To guarantee successful outcomes, it is also essential to buy them from reliable providers. Our list of the best ten essential oil brands was created after extensive study and customer feedback. As a result, it will undoubtedly be useful to you while buying essential oils.

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