Top 10 Best Pen Brands In India

Even in today’s digital world, it pays to have good handwriting, both at school and in the workplace. Motivates students to put out more effort in their work, which in turn improves their grades and self-confidence while also fostering more natural reading and writing abilities. Evidence even suggests a relationship to fewer instances of dyslexia.

Even though we live in a digital age, students still need to pass written tests to graduate. The examiner won’t be capable of assessing the quality of the information if it is written in an illegible font.

List of Top Pen Brands in India

Brand Name Established year Head Office Location
Cello Pens 1995 Mumbai
Reynolds Pens 1880 Mumbai
Parker Pens 1892 New Delhi
Waterman Pens 2003 Mumbai
Sheaffer pens 1912 Bangalore
Mont Blanc Pens 1906 New Delhi
Shanghai Hero Pens 1931 Mumbai
AT Cross Pens 1846 Mumbai
Luxor Pens 1963 Noida
Camlin Pens 1931 Mumbai

As a learner, you understand the destructive effects it can have on your academic performance. Poor handwriting has been linked to youngsters losing interest in school and missing out on educational possibilities.

We’ve compiled top ten pen brands in India so you may choose favorite one

1. Cello Pens


With over 80 countries and 5 million daily pen sales, Cello brand have the numbers to take the top spot. The company first appeared on the scene in 1995, when it began selling a wide variety of traditional ballpoint pens with premium German-made nibs and inks.

They were widely used because despite their high quality they did not break the bank, especially among students. The company expanded upon its early success and is now a well-known, worldwide name in the stationery industry.

Since its founding, Cello has invested heavily in R&D to create cutting-edge technology and ink flow system that improve the writing experience for its customers. The company has expanded its product line and established a robust distribution network throughout the years to ensure that its wares are available throughout the entire country of India.

2. Reynolds

Since its introduction to the country in the 1980s, Reynolds has become a household name in India. This American pen company has a distribution network of over 1800 people, allowing them to sell over 50 different items in over 1500 different locations across the United States.

We all agree that Reynolds pens are the best because of the fluid ink technology and the ingenious tips. They may be had for as little as 5 INR, so they’re cheap as well.

On October 29, 1945, Reynolds introduced the 045 pen to the world from the back of a modest pen shop in New York. In its day, the ballpoint pen was revolutionary. Fifty New York City Police Department officers were dispatched to the scene on the first day of sales because over five thousand customers caused chaos. Ballpoint pens were popularized by Milton Reynolds; hence the company is named after him.

The company produces a wide variety of writing instruments to suit any requirement or budget. They carry a wide variety of pens, including ballpoints, correction pens, fountain pens, rollerballs, and gel pens.

3. Parker pen


Parker has been making high-quality pens in a wide range of styles and colors with unrivalled writing performance for over 130 years. It’s a sign of power and prestige, worn by celebrities and given as gifts by presidents of the United States.

 It first appeared in 1892, when its originator, a telegraph instructor named George Safford Parker, finally gave in to his calling. Buyers immediately took a liking to his products, and before the widespread availability of ballpoints, Parker was the most popular pen brand in the world.

Parker first entered the Indian pen industry in 1996, thanks to the efforts of Luxor Group. Parker filled a void in the luxury goods market, appealing to the well-to-do who had not previously had access to a label of Parker’s caliber.

They were immediately taken with these beautifully constructed premium pens, which helped Parker become the most popular luxury pen brand in India. Since love never seems to fade away, Parker continues to be the top pick for both individual and business presents.

Many people who enjoy writing with high-quality pens use Parker because of its many options and special features. Over the course of its existence, the label has introduced numerous luxurious collections.

4. Waterman


Waterman, the pen company, is about to change the way you think about writing forever. It all started in 1883, when Lewis Edson Waterman’s fountain pen jammed and prevented him from signing a contract.

He founded Ideal Pen Company, later renamed LE Waterman Company, in 1888 and invented the Three Fissure Feed system. Following the success of their initial fountain pen, the firm went on to release “The Regular,” a most reliable pen of its kind.

The Luxor Brand was introduced in 2003, making Waterman a relative latecomer to the Indian market. In spite of this, it established a space for itself and won the devotion of quality-conscious Indians rather swiftly. Waterman pens are adored worldwide for their superior quality, beautiful designs, and high-level functionality. These days, a Waterman pen or pencil is a sign of accomplishment and success.

5. Sheaffer pens


Sheaffer pens are well-known for having a comfortable grip, which in turn leads to more legible handwriting. One of the top Indian pen manufacturers created these pens with both form and function in mind. These pens last a long time, too. You can keep writing for a very long time without the ink running out. The brand’s pricing points of INR 210 – INR 52,000 make it accessible to shoppers of varying means.

If you’re looking for a brand that cares about its customers, look no further than Sheaffer. To achieve the highest possible performance from a pen while yet staying within one’s financial means, it considers every last detail. These pens have ergonomic handles that are great for long periods of writing. It makes writing for extended periods easy.

6. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

This German manufacturer has been making high-quality writing instruments since 1906, and its products are still considered among the worlds finest. To this day, it remains one of the most popular writing implements in the world. Mont Blanc is now well recognized as one of India’s premier premium pen manufacturers. The company creates, produces, and sells high-end pens that stand out both visually and in terms of the writing experience they provide. The price tag is higher than average, falling somewhere between INR 21,000 and INR 2, 52,000.

7. Shanghai Hero Pens

Shanghai Hero, as the name would imply, is a Chinese pen manufacturer that has been around since 1931. The firm has become well-known as one of India’s premier writing instrument manufacturers. Everyone loves the stylish fountain pens made by Shanghai Hero Pens. The price varies from 650 INR up to 5700 INR.

8. AT Cross

AT Cross

AT Cross, founded in the United States in 1846, is a legendary high-end writing instrument manufacturer. After years of success, the brand is now well recognized in India as the premier option for writing instruments of all types. The brand has made a name for itself with its classic, high-quality pens that are both stylish and functional. There is a wide price range for it, from 1,000 to 22,000.

9. Luxor pens

Luxor pens

Luxor is the first name that pops into anyone’s head when they think of the greatest pen brands available in India.  We all had used the Luxor product at some point as kids in the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s. So many people use it that it’s practically ubiquitous. Mr. D K Jain, popular businessman headquartered in Delhi, had the idea to create the brand with the goal of giving India its own national pen in 1963.

Since then, the company’s products have been trusted by students and professionals alike for being reliable and affordable.

10. Camlin pens

Camlin has been used and admired by Indians for many years. In contrast, for the average Indian, hearing the name “Camillin” evokes thoughts of a more innocent past. Since its founding in 1931, Dandekar and Co. Camlin Limited has distributed a wide variety of stationery goods to consumers such as students, working professionals, and hobbyists. Depending on the specific model, Camlin pens are known for a variety of features, but in general, they are reliable, comfortable to write with, and inexpensive.

Prior to the rise of second-generation Indian companies, Camlin, founded in Mumbai by DP and GP Dandekar, was the most popular pen brand in India. It started off producing and selling ink powders & tablets but has now moved its focus to fountains pen inks. Camlin offers products in nearly every category of office supplies.


A pen’s uses extend far beyond those of a simple writing instrument. Instead, it’s the best ally of students, aiding in creative expression in any setting (exams, lectures, classrooms, whiteboards, notepads, etc.). These are the top Indian pen brands that would let your ideas flow freely.

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