Top 10 Best Torch Light Brands In India

We can say one thing for sure, every one of you reading today’s post may have felt the need for a torch or flashlight at some point. It’s a hard-to-deny fact that many people still use lanterns in rural India, but the torch has replaced the lanterns to some extent. See, why would someone need a lantern, when they have in-built torch light in their cellphones, even in rural India? But the thing is, in-built torches in smartphones aren’t very practical in many scenarios. Therefore, investing in a proper and good quality torch light is something you should consider.

Torchlight definitely serves one purpose, which is to provide lighting in dark conditions, and that can be useful in many scenarios. If there’s an unannounced electricity cut at night, you can turn on a torch light to navigate through your house, find things, and complete your tasks. For those who love camping or spending time outdoors at night, torch lights can be really helpful. In rural India, people use long-range torch lights to keep an eye on their open fields at night.

You see there are many use case scenarios of torchlight, but not just any torchlight, you should invest in a good quality one. Because torch lights are electric things, which tend to get faulty sometimes. Not just that, when you decide to buy a torch light from local or online markets in India, you’d realize pretty soon that there are literally dozens of brands and hundreds of torch options to choose from. It may get a little overwhelming for you at first, but don’t you worry now, we are here to help you out with our list of the top 10 best torch light brands in India for 2022. The goal of this list is to help you form a better decision in the end. So let’s get started.

Torch Light Brands

List Of Top Torch Light Brands In India

Brand Name Established Year CEO Head Office
Havells 1958 Anil Rai Gupta Noida
Wipro 1945 Thierry Delaporte Bengaluru
SYSKA 2013 Rajesh Uttamchandani Hyderabad
iBELL 2008 Noushad Anchamparuthy Aluva
AmiciVision 2014 Abhishek Garg Noida
ThruNite 2009 David Chen Delhi
Fenix Flashlights 2001 Beau Shrum Pune
Coleman 1900 Robert Marcovitch New Delhi
Philips 1891 Roy Jakobs Hyderabad
GlowPro 2019 Juzer Delhi

1. Havells


If you are looking for the most durable, affordable, and feature-rich torch lights, then Havells is the brand that you should look up to. You may know Havells as one of the biggest and most trusted house wiring and home appliance brands in India, but in reality, it is more than that. You can get professional lighting, solar solutions, home appliances, water pumps, cables, switches, torch lights and much more from this awesome brand. If you want a low to medium-range, highly efficient and effective yet affordable torch, then simply choose the Havells Pathfinder 30 and you’ll be good for the most part. This particular torch light is pretty lightweight, compact designed, easy to charge, and comes with rechargeable batteries. The only concerning thing is the range it covers.

2. Wipro


On our list today, Wipro is by far one of the oldest established brands. You may know Wipro as a successful Indian multinational corporation, but the thing is that this group is functional in many sectors in India. And sure enough, they also make torch lights and other lighting solutions as well. In our opinion, the torch that stands out the most is the Wipro Luster 3W LED Bright Rechargeable Torch. If you were in search of an affordable but quite reliable torch or flashlight, then this Wipro Luster LED torch would be a perfect fit for you. Unlike other torch lights available in the Indian market, this LED torch is quite long-lasting with an incredible operating time of 7 hours.



Syska is known for its electronic and lighting products in India. But did you know Syska is one of the most recently established brands in this niche, especially when we talk about torches or flashlights? Syska started off in 2013, and it became quite popular in India within a few years only. That’s because Syska utilized the power of advertising in India quite well, and not just that, the end products of this brand stand out pretty well in terms of overall quality. As of now, you can buy various lighting solutions, home appliances, smart gadgets and much more from this well-renowned brand. Talking specifically about torch lights, then the Skska T112UL would be our top recommendation for the readers of today’s post.

4. iBELL


Don’t confuse iBELL with iBall, both are different brands. iBELL is basically a pretty underrated home appliance, tools and machinery brand in India. Talking about home appliances online stores of this brand, you can buy anything like TV, Air conditioners, Mixers, Fans, Coolers, and of course torches as well. Whereas iBELL is also known for its power tools, domestic, garden, pain and automotive tools as well. Focusing specifically on the torches, so the iBELL FL8359 Rechargeable Torch Flashlight does stand out in our opinion, compared to the other options available on online marketplaces. This particular torch is slightly expensive, but the features are just incredible. This compact-looking torch offers a wide range, along with an awesome battery backup.

5. AmiciVision

In 2014, when AmiciVision first started out, it was solely a torch brand in India. But later on, this brand introduced other products as well. If budget is no issue for you, but you really want to invest in a high-quality torch with incredible features, then we’d definitely recommend you the AmiciVision XML T6 Metal LED Torch. On huge marketplaces like Amazon, this particular variant from AmiciVision is one of the highest-rated on the platform. And that is because AmiciVision delivers everything to the customers that they actually claim. With this variant or model, you get five different light modes, and the light intensity is phenomenal, thus it can be assumed as a long-range flashlight as well.

6. ThruNite

Unlike other brands on our list, ThruNite is a solely dedicated torch or flashlight brand. Again, this isn’t a very old and well-established brand, but since ThruNite has expertise in making world-class torches or flashlights, it started getting a lot of attention from Indian customers quite recently. No matter what your requirements are when it comes to buying flashlights, ThruNite has got everything you need. In our opinion, this brand has the biggest collection of torches on our list today. The flashlights are definitely priced a little higher, but that seems pretty justifiable in our opinion because you get ultimate features as well.

7. Fenix Flashlights

Fenix has marketed the majority of its products to outdoor enthusiasts, which is why many people all around the globe prefer this brand over others. Compared to other torch brands on our list, Fenix Flashlights do have a sturdy feel when you hold them, and that is because of their premium build quality. When going for outdoor adventures, you must carry a flashlight or torch with you, it can help you navigate your way at night, and in some cases can be a life-saving thing as well. But you must invest in a reliable flashlight, else there is no point in carrying it for outdoor activities. And this is where Fenix Flashlights excels as compared to other generic brands.

8. Coleman

When buying outdoor camping gear and equipment, one brand that will always come to your mind is the Coleman brand. It was established way back in 1900 with the sole goal to provide adventure lovers and explorers to get their hands on the best camping and outdoor gear which can help them survive through harsh wilderness. However, now you can buy most of the gear and equipment like tents, sleeping bags, portable furniture, coolers, grills/stoves, lighting solutions and whatnot. The flashlights they offer aren’t the cheapest in the market, but they are the best built, feature-rich and the most reliable ones for sure.

9. Philips


We don’t think there is any other brand which was established way back in the 19th century like Philips but is still relatable and quite popular for modern-day gadgets and appliances. Before anything else, we’d like to tell you that if you are looking for the best torch for outdoor usage mainly, then skip Philips. However, if you are looking for a torchlight which can be used in emergency situations, then we’d definitely recommend checking out the Philips Multi-Functional Emergency Torch Light on Amazon and other marketplaces.

10. GlowPro

Last but not least is another fairly recently established torch light brand in India. Similar to ThruNite, GlowPro is another solely dedicated flashlight or torch light brand, but it is an Indian-origin brand. GlowPro specializes in making the most compact designed and highly efficient flashlights in the Indian market. However, the pricing isn’t very competitive, but you get the best product, and that’s what matters.

Torch Light Brands Related FAQs

Q1. How long does a torch light last?

Answer: LED batteries can last anywhere from 1.5 hours on high to 7 hours on low, depending on the power consumption.

Q2. What are the different uses of a torch light?

Answer: There are different uses of torch light as:

  • As a field equipment utilized by farmers
  • For the sake of safety
  • During times of camping and hiking, when electricity may be scarce, to illuminate dwellings
  • Typically installed in a garage or the interior of a truck, bus, or car
  • They have many additional applications as well, especially when it comes to illuminating dark or otherwise inaccessible areas.

Q3. What are the expert tips for caring for a torch light?


  • Keep the torch light in a spot where you can quickly access it.
  • Only put batteries into a torch light that are approved for use with it.
  • Keep it in a cold, dry location.
  • If the torch light hasn’t been used in a while, it’s a good idea to give it a fresh set of batteries.
  • This helps keep the torch from breaking down due to internal leaks.
  • When the power goes out, make sure you have torch light handy in case of need.
  • When putting a new battery into a torch light, be mindful of the polarity. If a battery is plugged into the wrong device, the device could be damaged.
  • Make sure there is no battery leakage inside your torch light by inspecting it often.
  • Don’t forget to maintain a supply of spare batteries for the torch light stashed nearby in case of an outage.

Q4. What are the cautions for torch light usage?


  • Avoid exposing your torch light to the sun.
  • Keep your torch light away from any open flames or it could be damaged.
  • If you aren’t going to be using your torch light for a while, remove the batteries.
  • Don’t overcharge them.


Alright, since now you have a detailed list of the top 10 best torch light brands in India, you should not be needing to scroll through dozens of other posts to find out the exact same thing. We have conducted thorough research before coming up with this list of the top torch light brands, therefore this list will definitely help you come up with an informed decision.

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