Exploring India by Rail: How redRail Makes It Easier and More Enjoyable

The sheer scale of India’s vast and complex rail network can surprise and confuse you. With such a huge and diverse network, in the top 5 of the world’s largest, you have a wide array of destinations in practically every nook and cranny of India. With adept online platforms like redRail by redBus, train travel can be a joy and an adventure. This is a one-stop rail ticket booking shop and much more. Before you learn about the distinctive features this state-of-the-art platform offers you, you should grasp the advantages of rail travel in the vibrant and exciting country that is India.

Advantages of Train Travel in India

Train Travel India

India dishes out travel on a magnificent scale. With a rich cultural history to back it up, not to mention scenic beauty, you can have it all in India. The train could be considered your transport of choice whether you want to visit Northern Ladakh and travel up to Tamil Nadu (3214 Km) or go from any other side of India to the other. Wherever you want to go, rail ticket booking is easy and convenient online with portals like redRail.

Here are some of the advantages of rail travel in India, a vast country made effortless to visit by train:

  • Comfort

Today, trains are more comfortable than ever before. You can choose different levels of comfort (classes and compartments) and your travel, not simply the destination, becomes an experience. Whether you choose to travel in luxury on the Palace On Wheels through Rajasthan’s central region or take the 8-hour journey on the Kanyakumari Express to Trivandrum, you can lie (or sit) in comfort, enjoy dining and wining, and get a relaxed feel throughout your journey.

  • Sightseeing

Rail travel is a convenient way of enjoying the places you pass through your journey. If you were sitting on a plane, you may reach your destination faster, but all you would see is clouds. Rail travel lets you take in the splendour of nature, for instance, on the Himsagar Express (3,726 Km) which travels for a duration of 80 hours from Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari. You get to see many geographical wonders on the journey, including the Himalayas, the Thar Desert, and the Western Ghats.

  • Safety and Convenience

Train travel is a safe way to traverse the country, and with advanced technology on some trains, you are guaranteed a smooth journey. Rarely having issues with functions, trains are great for overnight journeys and give you the convenience of travelling to remote places that planes may not go to. Also, if you compare train travel to road travel, the risk of being caught in traffic or having a breakdown is mitigated.

  • No Luggage Limitations

There are rarely any limitations on the sizes of luggage or how much luggage you can carry on trains, as long as your luggage fits into the compartment!

  • Affordability

Train travel is a quick way to reach your destination affordably. At the best of times, train travel works out more cost-efficient than air travel or road travel. Furthermore, there are various options to suit individual travellers’ affordability and you can find a train and an arrangement that distinctively suits you.

  • Eco-Friendly Services

Trains are sustainable options in travel and they emit less carbon and greenhouse gases than other modes of transport.

Unique Features of redRail

Owing to portals like redRail by redBus, train travel has become easier with your train ticket booking available in a few steps online. Due to its easily navigable interface, the redRail portal gives you a choice of trains and compares schedules and seat availability so you can choose what suits you. Once you make your booking with a few clicks, you can even cancel it easily online if your plans change. Refunds are easily obtained, and you face a hassle-free experience.

Besides the normal features of reserving tickets and cancellation features, the portal also gives you a new “Confirm” feature. This feature enables passengers on a waitlist to study alternative options and book those instead, so they make their journeys on schedule. This feature has been facilitated by algorithms in AI technology so that passengers may explore vacant seat options on other trains, within the same train, or from other stations. Passengers may use their PNR status to operate this feature and get real-time updates on alternative arrangements.

How redRail Simplifies Travel Planning

On the redRail platform, it takes just 5 steps on your smartphone to book rail tickets. Your days of standing in queues or waiting for confirmation are over as you can use redRail’s convenient and efficient interface to book rail tickets. All you need to do is enter your origin and destination along with your travel dates. The platform then displays all the trains and routes available to you so you can plan your journey in advance. What’s more, you do not have to worry about authenticity as redRail is authorised by the IRCTC to make rail bookings. Furthermore, with a stress-free refund process and round-the-clock customer care, you can make the most of rail ticket booking. The icing on the cake is that you can also avail of discounts and deals.

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