Top 8 Must-Visit Beaches in Chennai

Chennai is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal and has a long coastline. It is lined with many beaches that may not be explored by you. Very rarely you will think of Chennai for a beach holiday. Chennai offers many hotels and you can select the ones closer to the beach. If you are flying to the city from Dubai then your Dubai to Chennai flight ticket can be booked online easily.

Marina beach


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This beach is the second-largest beach in the country and the world stretching to approximately 13 kilometres. This is one of the most popular beaches in Chennai and you should visit it in the evening to see the sunset into the sea or in the wee hours of the day and see the sunrise. At the beach, you will find cricket enthusiasts, kite sellers, food stalls, rides, various games for kids and crowds going for a walk. Due to feisty undercurrents, swimming is not allowed.

Santhome beach

This beach lies in the neighbourhood of Mylapore and forms the southernmost tip of Marina Beach. It is situated on the same arc of sand but it is cleaner and more peaceful. You can ditch the crowd at Marina Beach if you want to visit one of the cleanest beaches in Chennai. You will find young couples, groups of friends and several eateries here.

Kovalam/Covelong beach

This beach is a short drive from the city and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Chennai. Tourists still visit this beach because of its swimmable waters. It has a long stretch of sand and you can take a walk. Many eateries dot this area. Many surfers also are at this beach riding the water or standing on the beach with surfboards in hand waiting for the right wave. You will also find surfing schools here where you can learn to surf. An annual surfing festival is held here called Covelong Point Festival.

Palavakkam beach

This is one of the top beaches in the city which is not crowded and you can sit back and spend time enjoying the sea and the cool breeze. It is a spacious, clean and unlittered beach. The beach is untouched by commercialism and you enjoy nature. Of all the beaches this is a must-visit beach in Chennai.

Akkarai beach

The East Coast Road in Tamil Nadu is one of the most scenic routes in the country running along the Bay of Bengal. The road will also take you to the quiet and serene beaches which are unspoiled. One such beach is the Akkarai beach. Here, you can enjoy the sea, sand and water without any distractions.

Elliot’s beach

Elliot’s beach

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This beach is located in the hippest area in Chennai called Besant Nagar. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Chennai. In the evenings, the families and youngsters visit the beach. The promenade is clean and has many cafes and restaurants. You can go for long walks on the beach. The Ashtalakshmi temple dedicated to Goddess Laxmi and the Velankanni Church are located close by. There is a memorial named after a Dutch sailor, Karl Schmidt who lost his life trying to save a little girl in the 1930s.

Thiruvanmiyur beach

This beach is closer to Elliot’s beach but it is much calmer and cleaner. Mostly the residential people come here for a walk in the morning or evening. You will find runners, joggers and families enjoying this stretch of land. Several food shops on the road near the beach sell delicious snacks. You can also go to the paintball club located close by.

Kasimedu beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in the city and you can go to this beach if you want to enjoy it as the locals do. The beach is known for its stunning views, colourful boats and pier. This is the beach Chennia goes to enjoy their Sunday evening. You will find people playing cricket or volleyball, families strolling the beach and people fishing with homemade fishing lines.

You can decide to visit the beaches on the eastern coastline during the holiday season. These are the top beaches in Chennai which you must visit on your trip.

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