What Are the Different Types of Pens for Writing?

Did you know there are as many as 25 different types of pens that you can buy? Well, not all of them have ink in them, some are just called pens because they look like typical pens. For example, the stylus pen, which isn’t actually a pen, but can be used as a pen for writing on your smartphone or tablet.

Different Types of Pens

1. Ballpoint Pens

See, whenever you are talking about a pen or head over to buy a pen from the market, you’ll probably buy a ballpoint pen. That’s because these are the most common ones actually. In this type of pen, there’s this tiny ball at its tip that dances around to let the ink flow. They’re kinda the champs at lasting long and avoiding those annoying smudges. But yeah, sometimes, you might have to give it a little push to get it going. No big deal, though. They’re still our go-to for most days!

2. Rollerball Pens

This type of pen uses water-based ink that feels oh-so-smooth when writing. Plus, the ink? Super vibrant! For those who adore that buttery glide on paper, this one’s a keeper. But a quick heads-up, if you’re using those super-thin pages, tread lightly. You might just end up with a smudge or two.

3. Gel Pens

The name kinda gives it away, doesn’t it? Yep, they’ve got this gel thing going on. And trust us, writing with these is an absolute joy ride. The coolest part is the insane variety of colors and vibes! From shiny metallics to the ones that sparkle, it’s just amazing! But here’s a tiny secret: they can run out of ink sooner than you’d think. Bummer, yeah we know. But hey, everything fun comes with its quirks, right?

4. Fountain Pens

See, fountain pens are all about class and style. With a special tip, the nib, they make writing feel kinda poetic. The best part is that you can swap nib sizes and dive into a world of ink colors. And just a word of caution for the newbies, filling and cleaning might seem like a task with such pens.

5. Felt-tip Pens (Or Just Call Them Markers!)

Have you ever doodled with a pen and thought, “Wow, this color really pops!”? That’s probably a felt-tip pen you’re holding. They come with a soft tip, just like felt. And whether you love fine lines or something a bit broader, these pens have you covered. One tiny thing to watch out for, though, they might bleed through the paper a bit. And after a while? The tip can wear down. But for vibrant colors, it is absolutely unbeatable.

6. Technical Pens

Now, if you’re the kind who’s into perfection, these pens are for you. Professionals like architects and designers need their lines just right. Consistency is the name of the game with these. And while they do a fantastic job, they can be a bit on the pricier side. Also, here’s a little heads up, you might want to maintain them now and then to keep them at their best.

7. Erasable Pens

Well, making mistakes when writing something is really common, but with erasable pens, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can use them to fix up your writing so that it doesn’t look cluttered or like a kid’s writing. But over time, the ink might get light, and the eraser might get small.

8. Refillable Pens

You can either use a pen and toss it or refill it and use it again. There are many pen types that can be refilled easily. Refilling is good for our planet and might save you some cash. So, think about what you prefer!

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