Top 10 Best City To Invest In Real Estate In India

According to many experts, the real estate scene in India is about to skyrocket, and that’s what many eager investors are looking forward to. But you see, this is mainly going to be the case with some growing cities in the country because you know, that’s where the crazy growth is happening. Right? And that’s why we are here with a list of the top 10 best cities to invest in real estate in India in the coming few years. So yeah, if that’s what you find intriguing, then keep on reading because we’ll be taking a good look at these cities, what makes them tick, why they are expected to offer the best ROI for your real estate investments, and things like that. Here we go.

Top Indian Cities To Invest In Real Estate

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1. Banglore

As some of you might have guessed, when we are talking about the big cities, especially in terms of real estate investments, of course, a city like Bangalore is gonna be at the top. And as you may already know, Bangalore is full of IT firms and manufacturing facilities, that’s why it is the fastest-growing city in the country right now. After the COVID pandemic, this growth has been crazy fast. And that’s why many reports are indicating that in the coming year, the house prices in Bangalore are gonna be crazy high, which is a good thing for eager real estate investors like you. Right?

2. Pune

Now, let’s talk about Pune. With its big role in IT exports and Maharashtra’s economy, it’s a sweet spot for property investments. Seriously, in early 2021, Pune kicked off about 18,042 new projects! It’s a big deal, contributing 13% to Maharashtra’s GDP and all. The city’s not slowing down though, with an upcoming international airport and a huge industrial park on the horizon, plus a high-capacity transit route. What about property prices? They range from Rs 8,000 to 13,000 per square foot. And healthcare? Pune’s got top hospitals like KEM, Ruby Hall, and Aditya Birla.

3. Noida

Heading over to Noida, in the National Capital Region, and boy, is it looking good for property investment. It’s well-planned, green, and its real estate market is just booming. Being close to Delhi, it’s got this extra appeal. There’s big talk about the Jawar International Airport, which is gonna skyrocket the property market. And don’t forget the Greater-Noida extension plans, tech hubs, and entertainment spots. What about the property prices though? They’re hovering around Rs 10,500 to 15,000 per square foot. Noida’s pulling in big corporations, and that means more jobs and more reasons to live there. It’s got this cool mix of houses and office spaces, perfect for all kinds of needs.

4. Gurugram

So, have you heard about Gurugram? Yeah, the place that was once called Gurgaon. Now, it’s a big city in India’s NCR. It’s kinda the hot spot for anyone who’s keen on diving into real estate. We’re talking fancy apartments, trendy office spaces, you name it. Gurugram is full of IT and ITES companies, seriously, over 250 Fortune 500 biggies are there. That means loads of folks are hunting for places to work and live, shooting up the demand for all kinds of properties. Plus, being just a stone’s throw from Delhi? That’s a massive bonus for businesses and people looking to invest.

5. Mumbai

This city, the one they say never sleeps, is a real magnet for property investment, thanks to its buzzing market and economic power. Home to the Bombay Stock Exchange and heaps of multinational companies, Mumbai’s economy is on fire. The real estate? It’s got a bit of everything. Dreamy sea-facing apartments? Check. Budget-friendly homes? Yeah, got those too. Prices might thin out your wallet, but trust us, the investment is bang on. Mumbai’s charm? It’s this cool blend of old-school and modern vibes. With its huge local train network and new metro lines and sea links coming up, zipping around Mumbai is gonna be super easy.

6. Hyderabad

A few years ago, Hyderabad could have been at the top of this list, but since the growth in India is happening like everywhere, that’s why many cities in this list have surpassed Hyderabad. But still, you see, Hyderabad is a good city to settle down or even invest in the real estate scene. Why exactly though? You see, Hyderabad has this HITEC City, which is like the center place for IT giants and startups, and that’s why more and more companies or businesses are setting up their offices and centers in Hyderabad. But one thing that makes Hyderabad the prime choice is for sure the affordable or somewhat decent real estate prices, and in our opinion, that is kinda the big reason why so many people are investing in the future of this city.

7. Chennai

Ever heard of Chennai being called the “Detroit of India”? Well, that’s because it’s buzzing with the automobile industries like crazy. Here’s the thing about Chennai, this city you see, it has got a mix of everything like cars, software services, medical tourism, you name it. And this mix is what’s making folks wanna buy homes and offices there. You can find all sorts of places in Chennai, from fancy apartments to budget-friendly homes. Prices? They’re kinda like Rs 9,500 to 14,000 for each square foot, depending on where you look. Loads of people are moving to Chennai for jobs and studies, and that’s pumping up the real estate scene too. Plus, the Tamil Nadu government’s rolling out projects for affordable housing everywhere, cities, villages, you name it.

8. Kolkata

Kolkata’s the place where culture pops! It’s India’s cultural heart, loaded with history, art, and a lifestyle that’s all about energy. This city, once the capital during British rule, is a real blend of the old and the new. If you’re thinking real estate, Kolkata’s got its charm. The city’s love for literature, art, movies, and festivals? That’s what makes it extra special. For buying a house, Kolkata’s pretty wallet-friendly compared to other big cities. You’re looking at something like Rs 7,500 to 15,000 per square foot here. There’s a bunch of affordable housing popping up, appealing to a whole range of people. Plus, Kolkata’s got this nice blend of low costs and big potential for growth in real estate. The city’s getting a facelift with new infrastructure, and the government’s pretty keen on boosting the real estate scene.

9. Jaipur

On the ninth spot, we’d like to talk about the city of Rajasthan, and at this point, Jaipur city’s name must be popping into your thoughts, right? Well yeah, when it comes to the real estate scene of the Rajasthan State, definitely, Jaipur is the city where you’ll see the crazy growth. We all know how culturally rich Jaipur city is, but you see, the infrastructure of this city is something to talk about too. Here, you’ll see various IT parks, and business centers too, along with the skyrocketing industries like textiles, gems and jewelry, and tourism. That’s not it though, you see, since the property prices aren’t that high in Jaipur, that’s why we have included this city on our list today because there could be a lot of potential in the future.

10. Ahmedabad

Last on the list, let’s talk about one more city that is expected to have the best real estate scene in the next few years or so, and yeah, we are talking about the largest city of Gujrat, Ahmedabad. Of course, this city is one of the most and biggest culturally rich cities in the country, but apart from that, you’ll be dazzled to look at the level of growth that has been in this city. The infrastructure is just amazing and reliable, that’s why it is a good place to settle down. Apart from that, the real estate prices are somewhat decent, ranging from Rs 9,500 TO 12,500 per square foot, which might be a plus point for some of you eager investors, right? That’s not it though, you see, recently the Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojana policy is also helping a lot of people in the city get affordable homes, and along with that, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in the state is also pushing to make the real estate scene even better in the coming few years or so.


That’ll do it. These are by far the best cities to invest in real estate in India, not just in 2024, but in the coming few years or so. The reason for that is pretty simple and understandable, the actual growth is happening in these cities, so no wonder why the real estate scene will be skyrocketing.

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