Top 10 Best Cycle Brands in India

Bicycle or popularly known as the cycle is the first vehicle that you have learned in your childhood. This is the first vehicle that is completely pollution-free. It is also a low-cost vehicle and regular driving offers good health to you. There is no house in India where not a single piece of a cycle is available. This humble cycle has many uses and thus it is a part of your home.

These days there are multiple options of cycle like mountain bicycle, sports cycle, etc. In India, many brands now manufacture and market different types of bicycles under different models and prices. Considering your budget you can buy the best brand cycle in India. If you have no proper idea about which one is the best for you here is a picture for you.

Top 10 Best Cycle Brands in India

Best Cycle Brands in India

Brand Name Established Year Head Office
Hero 1956 Ludhiana, Punjab
Atlas 1951 Sonepat, India
BSA 1949 Chennai, Tamilnadu
Avon 1948 Ludhiana, Punjab
LA Sovereign 2006 Ludhiana (Punjab)
Firefox 2005 Gurugram, Haryana
Montra Cycles 1949 Chennai, Tamilnadu
Mach City 2016 Nashik, Maharashtra
Road Master 2015 Ludhiana, Punjab
Giant 1972 Mumbai, Maharastra

1. Hero


The first name that comes in the top 10 list is Hero which has a total market share of 48% in the Indian market. The company started its journey by manufacturing cycle parts. But when it started manufacturing bicycles it achieved ‘Guinness Books of World Records as a part of the highest manufacturer of the cycle. At present, the company manufactures 19,000 bicycles per day and exports its cycle in countries like Africa, Japan, the United Kingdom, Finland, and more. Apart from Ludhiana, Punjab the company has its manufacturing unit at Ghaziabad, UP, and Bihta, Bihar.

The company has also a manufacturing unit in Sri Lanka. Most of the Indians adored this bicycle for its quality. Hero is the producer of multiple models like Miss India, Hero Street Racer 24 T, Sprint, and Mountain Bike. So, if you are searching for the best brand cycle in India it is the ‘Hero’.

2. Atlas


For all ages, Atlas is a popular brand of bicycle. The most attractive facility is that anyone can buy a bicycle online. Atlas also manufactures children’s bicycles on a large scale of which Atlas Smash lbc 20T is the most popular one. Its trainer wheels make it very easy for the children to learn cycling without the help of others. Every product from Atlas is sturdy enough as the company never compromises with its quality.

Atlas bicycle is available at different prices so you can purchase as per your budget. Every bicycle that comes from the store of Atlas is durable as the company never compromises with quality and standard. Atlas is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company that manufactured 40 lacs bicycles every year.

3. BSA


The second name that comes in this series is BSA. It is famous for its brands like BSA, Montra, and Hercules. It is an ISO 14001-2004, OSHAS 18001-2007, and ISO 9001:2000 company. BSA is famous for its ‘BSA Lady Bird Breeze’ brand, the bicycle for every girl under the age group of 8-11 years.  Apart from this brand, BSA has a variety of different fashionable models.

Price ranges vary with models and features. You should buy the best one that suits your budget. But never think the low budget means the low in quality. BAS brands never compromise with quality. Sure you can choose a brand with your budget that provides utmost comfort in road cycling.

4. Avon

Avon takes an important place when talking about the best cycle brand in India. Considering all age groups Avon manufactures almost 200 different models of the bicycle. For outdoor cycling its CYCLUX series is incompatible. The main objective of this company is to manufacture bicycles at a reasonable rate for the use of the common person.

Avon does not sell its bicycles not only in India but it has occupied a large market in the Asian country. The main facility of this brand is that you can buy its bicycle both online and offline. The company has more than 2000 dealers and 12,000 sub-distribution centers across the country.

5. LA Sovereign

LA Sovereign is a  Private Limited Non-govt company, incorporated in 2006. It is a joint venture between a Thailand-based company and an Indian company. It manufactures different models considering the different age groups i.e. from children to young generation. The most popular models that come from this company are BMX bicycles,  kid’s bicycles, and LA Sovereign City bicycles. Among them, LA Sovereign City bicycle is the highest in demand. This steel-framed bicycle is a ‘single-speed’ bicycle that helps to move along the city.

LA Sovereign is a trusted brand around the world. LA Sovereign has different models of bicycles for children.  So, if you want to buy a bicycle for your ward never think about any product except LA Sovereign.

6. Firefox


Established in 2005 in Gurugram, Haryana, Firefox is also a popular brand in India for its multilevel models. The most popular models are mountain, all train, road, BMX, and Kids bikes. When you check any list of Top 10 cycle brands in India you will find this brand on this list. Firefox is popular for its premium range of bicycles for all age groups.

Firefox has models not only for city use but also for city use. For city use, you can choose Firefox Flip Flop hybrid. It is a steel-framed bicycle with alloy rims, alloy brake levers, and rim brakes. You have a great option to add LED lights into the front and back end and bottle cage. This is a durable brand and conjointly offers a great look.

7. Montra Cycles

Montra Cycles

Established in 1949 Montra Cycles has occupied a great place in the top 10 list of bicycle brands in India. It is a division of Tube Investment ( TI ) cycles in India. This brand is popular for its wonderful range of hybrid cycles. Montra Cycles has multi-level models which are the best for city rides. It has also RTB models.

This brand offers models which are the most comfortable for both roads and mountain rides. Its mountain range includes Montra Backbeat, Montra Madrock, and Montra Rock. Montra Cycles is the first brand in India that has carbon frame models. It has multi models that come with a warranty. This brand also manufactures some accessories that you can easily add to your bicycle.

Montra Cycles has models with straight handlebars and upright seating positions. If you love any model of mountain bicycle and want to buy there is the only alternative is the Montra brand. Montra Cycles are available in different stores across the country and are also available online.

8. Mach City

Mach City

The Mach City started its production in 2016. Its attractive design allure every Indian to cycle again. The Mach City emphasizes urban people as its customers. This brand is comfortable for city roads and also popular for hybrid brands of which the most popular one is iBike W Single Speed. This is a lightweight steel-framed cycle with long-lasting nylon tires. This brand provides a comfortable journey often in bad road conditions.

9. Road Master

Road Master

In the Indian market, this brand has more than 60 models for all ages. It is famous for its sports brands. This cycle brand has more than 156 stores across the country indicating that it is a growing brand in the Indian market. Its cycle brand is affordable for every Indian. It is one of the most growing brands that provide warranty for every cycle it manufactures.

Nice design, a better braking system, and sturdiness make this brand one of the most reliable brands in India. Some of the most popular models that come from this brand are Roadmaster 26 inches Men’s Granite Peak Bike, ROADMASTER R4047WMJ 26 inches Roadmaster Granite Peak Women’s Bike, Roadmaster – 26 inches Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike, etc.

10. Giant


The last name that comes in this top 10 bicycle series is Giant. Giant has at present 58 models in India. Giant is available from most expensive models to least expensive models. The most popular models are Giant Escape 3, Giant XTC JR 24 Lite, Giant XTC Advanced SL 29, etc. Among them, the Giant Escape 3 road cycle is the highest-demand brand in India.

Cycle Brands Related FAQs

Q1. Which cycle is good for regular basis?

Answer: Bikes with only one gear are ideal for learners. Both single-speed and multi-gear bicycles, such as those with 18, 21, etc., gears, are practical for everyday usage.

Q2. Which cycle is appropriate for long distances?

Answer: Mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and gravel bikes are the best choices for extended rides. The mountain bike is at its best when ridden off-road and on routes that stretch for miles.

Q3. Which cycle has highest number of gears?

Answer: Mountain bikes provide more gear options and design customizations than any other type of bike. Since mountain bikes can have anywhere from one to three front cogs and ten rear, their gear range is between ten and thirty. Bicycles aimed at children typically have between six and twelve gears.

Q4. Are hybrid cycles good?

Answer: A hybrid bicycle combines elements of both a road bicycle and a mountain bicycle. They include upright handlebars and big, padded seats that enable riding on highways, bike lanes, and even some dirt trails a pleasant experience.

You can take your hybrid bicycle on weekend excursions to the hills as easily as you can ride it in town. They provide a really pleasant ride in addition to a high level of comfort.

Q5. How can I keep my cycle clean?

Answer: Damage to your bike’s delicate bearing systems could result from washing it with a high-pressure hose. So, take your time when you scrub away the grime and the soap.

There are essentially four phases to cleaning your bike:

  • Clean the bike’s frame
  • Make sure the chain is clean and oiled.
  • Apply grease to the derailleur and brake levers.
  • The brake cables and derailleur gears should be oiled.

Q6. Are there any differences between cycles for males and females?

Answer: Yes, there are differences of stack heights. For women, there is a shorter stack as compared to males.

Final Words:

Here is the list of the most popular and trustworthy cycle brands in India with different price ranges and with different models of different companies. Before buying any brand you must note down your requirements and budget. First of all, you must consider your purpose then consider the budget.

For normal city use for all purposes, you should choose the normal model from these top 10 brands. But for specific use the must notice the features of the particular model that suits you the best. If you think you will be a cycling expert then the sports cycle is the most favorite one.

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