Top 10 Best Jacket Brands In India

It’s a fact that your attire can make a big difference in making you look and feel confident. The time or era is gone when people used to wear clothes just to keep their bodies covered and warm from the decreasing temperatures. Now wearing the latest and trendy clothes is a way to present yourself as a fashion sensible person and to show your unique style statement. Jackets are one of the important pieces of clothing that one can buy not just to keep his/her body warm during winters, but it’s mainly associated with looks.

When buying a jacket for your wardrobe collection, you should consider things like style, manufacturing quality, price range, and how unique that jacket is. And if you’re a fashion-conscious individual then you may know about some popular and trusted jacket brands in India. Right? Well, in today’s post we’ll be going over the top 10 best jacket brands in India. So, the next time you’re looking for stylish yet long-lasting jackets for yourself, you won’t have any trouble picking the right brand. Let’s get going. Shall We?

List of Best Jacket Brands In India

Best Jacket Brands

Brand Name Established Year CEO Head Office (India)
Woodland 1992 Harkirat Singh New Delhi
Fort Collins 1954 Michael Workman Ludhiana
Calvin Klein 1968 Cheryl Abel Hodges Mumbai
United Colors of Benetton 1965 Massimo Renon Haryana
Tommy Hilfiger 1985 Martijn Hagman Bengaluru
Levi’s 1853 Charles V. Bergh Gurgaon
Puma Jackets 1948 Bjørn Gulden Bangalore
Monte Carlo 2008 Barr Moses Ludhiana
Allen Solly 1993 Sooraj Bhat Bangalore
Pepe Jackets 1973 Marcella Wartenbergh Mumbai

1. Woodland


Woodland is a sub-brand of a Canadian manufacturing group called Aero Group. Woodland made its first appearance in the Indian market back in 1992. At first, it became a popular shoe brand that made the sturdiest shoes on the market. But throughout the years, Woodland also explored the apparel industry in India, and soon it built a great fan base in the country. Jackets by this brand are still the most well-manufactured and sturdiest in the market, but they’re on a bit pricier side. If you can afford a jacket from Woodland, then we’d suggest you should definitely go for it because most of Woodland’s jackets are made to last for years. These days, Woodland’s branding itself is a style statement in India, no matter how old the piece of cloth you are wearing.

2. Fort Collins

Fort Collins

Are you a fan of those nylon-crafted, warm, and stylish-looking jackets? Well, then you are definitely familiar with the Fort Collins brand. This brand made nylon-crafted jackets popular in the Indian market. Now you can find other various styles and types of jackets by this brand as well. You can buy most of their products on their website, and they’ve listed their clothing pieces on various marketplaces like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. Most of the time, the primary material in Fort Collins jackets is nylon, which not only makes the end product quite durable but is also a great material option that is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The collection from this brand includes various colors and trends of jackets, which will make it quite easy for you to choose the one that fits your style.

3. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein made an entry into the Indian market just a few decades ago. It is an American brand for fashion items and luxury goods manufacturing. You can buy all sorts of items like perfumes, accessories, and ready-made garments. Denim apparel by Calvin Klien became quite famous all around the globe because of its incredible and trendy looks. Talking about the jackets, there are many options offered by this brand. If you’re someone looking for a denim jeans-type jacket, then don’t look any further than Calvin Klein’s jacket or denim collection. The other jackets with puffed designs are also attracting a lot of fashion-conscious people’s attention, so you may wanna look into that as well when adding new jackets to your wardrobe collection.

4. United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton

When it comes to slim-fitted jackets, no other brand can compete against United Colors Of Benetton. Benetton group is a world-renowned fashion brand, and it has a huge fan base in India as well. They sell apparel items not only for men but for women and kids as well. The goal of this brand is to offer simple yet stylish but top-notch quality apparel to its customers. Many people don’t like the punchiness in their clothes, therefore they prefer simple yet classy-looking clothing. And it is always said that simplicity always looks premium. So, in such a case, you shouldn’t overlook a classy brand like United Colors Of Benetton. Check out the Jackets and Coats section on their website, and you’ll be surprised by the type of jackets this brand’s collection has.

5. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

If you’re born before 2000, then you definitely remember the time when Tommy Hilfiger’s apparel and accessories became incredibly popular in the Indian market. It was the movie and Punjabi song industry that made this company famous in the country. However, we have to give the credit to the trendiness of Tommy’s items and the overall manufacturing quality. And wearing this brand’s apparel and accessories was a luxury for most people in India because of the higher price points. Other than just trendy and classy-looking jackets, they also sell sneakers, clothes, and accessories for women and kids as well. The one thing that we like about Tommy Hilfiger the most is that they only use high-quality material for their end product, which makes them stand out as compared to other luxury brands.

6. Levi’s


If you see a list like this where the main topic is all about apparel and you don’t see the name of Levi’s brand, it’s a clear indication that the post is completely biased or paid. Our list would be incomplete if we don’t include Levi’s in our list of top jacket brands in India. In the clothing manufacturing industry, Levi’s is for sure one of the oldest established brands. It’s been a few decades since Levi’s decided to explore the Indian market, and the effort of this brand has been quite successful in our opinion. Whether it is about jeans, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, or any other accessories, Levi’s got everything you need. Levi’s offers trendy apparel items not just for men but for women as well.

7. Puma Jackets


When you hear the name of the Puma brand, what comes to your mind first? You’d probably think of a brand that sells shoes and sneakers. Right? Well, in reality, Puma is way more than just a shoe manufacturer, they sell all sorts of sports accessories, clothing, wearable accessories, etc. Similar to other world-class brands, Puma also sells all these items not only for just men, but they also cover the women and kids demographic. The fluffy jackets by Puma are the most popular ones among Indian fans, however, Puma has a lot to offer if you’re looking for trendy jackets. Just head over to their website, and check out the Jacket collection, you’ll be dazzled by the number of options there are.

8. Monte Carlo

If your sole goal is to find the best winter jackets, then Monte Carlo is the brand you should check out. This brand is a sort of luxury brand for winter jackets because of the pricing they set for most of their products. As of now, there are more than 200 outlets and 1300 partnered outlets present in India by Monte Carlo. So there’s a high chance you can get the original piece of the Monte Carlo jacket in your nearest city.

9. Allen Solly

Allen Solly

One brand name that is attracting more and more people in the fashion industry is Allen Solly. In the last decade or so, Allen Solly’s fan base has grown significantly in India. Allen Solly could be a complete apparel or clothing solution for you. They not only sell clothing items for men but for women and kids as well. It is one of those brands that sell ready-made formal items. Jeans, trousers, and t-shirts are the most popular items by Allen Solly, but if you’re looking for a jacket that suits your style, you should definitely check out their jacket collection as well. One thing is for sure, the jacket collection offered by this brand won’t disappoint you.

10. Pepe Jackets


Many UK-based brands are known to rule the fashion industry globally, and Pepe Jeans is one of those brands. Pepe jeans originated in London back in 1973, and now it has become the prime choice of fashion-conscious individuals. If you have a budget of more than 2500 rupees for a jacket, then we’d definitely suggest you check out the jackets offered by Pepe Jeans. Other than just jackets, you can find all sorts of wearables like accessories, apparel, footwear, etc.

Jacket Brands Related FAQs

Q1. Which type of jacket is warmest?

Answer: Most of the super cozy jackets are parkas, but you’ll also find some puffer jackets that can keep you toasty in freezing temps. Parkas are made for those crazy cold weather situations and manage to keep you warm with their multi-layered designs and chunky insulation.

Q2. What jacket material is waterproof?

Answer: That’d be nylon! When it’s woven super tight, nylon becomes water-resistant and an awesome choice for keeping you dry. Most of the time, nylon jackets also get treated with Durable Water Repellents to make them even better at resisting water.

Q3. Can a jacket be fully waterproof?

Answer: Well, a jacket can have a waterproof coating and membrane, but that doesn’t make it fully waterproof. To get 100% waterproof, you gotta tape all the seams. Taped seams are heat-sealed to stop water from sneaking in through the stitching.

Q4. What is the inside of a jacket called?

Answer: That would be the lining! The lining’s on the inside, hiding those seams and making it easier to slip the jacket on. Sometimes it has pockets too, but not all jackets have linings.

Q5. How should a jacket feel?

Answer: Your jacket’s shoulders should feel snug but comfy, with the shoulder seam lining up perfectly with your own shoulders. The shoulder should be smooth, with no rumpling, and the sleeve should hang nice and straight from the shoulder point, with no wrinkles at the top. And that’s how you know you have a comfortable and perfect fit.

Q6. What is a formal jacket called?

Answer: There are different styles of suit jackets and blazers. Let’s keep it simple, suit jackets are all about being formal, while blazers are more laid-back.

Q7. What is the difference between a coat and a jacket?

Answer: In a nutshell, it’s all about the length. Coats are heavy and usually reach your hips or lower, while jackets are lighter and stop at hip length. But hey, there are loads of in-between styles that blur the line between coats and jackets.


Alright then, this was the list of the top 10 best jacket brands in India. Now it is your turn, you have to browse a little, and see which brands offer the jackets that suit not only your style but material preferences and most importantly your budget.

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