Top 10 Best Mustard Oil Brands in India

Mustard oil has been utilized for a significant amount of time in India. It is oil extracted from mustard seeds, which are high in nutrition, utilizing a variety of processes.

Not only is mustard oil beneficial as cooking oil, but it is also beneficial for the care of the skin and hair. Because of its naturally occurring qualities, it is helpful in a wide range of purposes and can serve a number of functions.

Mustard oil is a powerful natural stimulant that goes well with Indian cooking techniques, food, & lifestyle and enhances all of these aspects. It does this by encouraging the production of gastric juices and bile secretions in the liver and spleen which in turn stimulates appetite and helps digestion.

If you’re in search of top mustard oil brands, you are in good fortune because we have done the work for you. Check out our recommendations if you want some help deciding which mustard oil brand is the best.

List of Top Mustard Oil Brands in India

Brand Established Year Price
Fortune 2000 144 (1 liter)
Elworld NA 280 (1 liter)
Emami 1974 700 (5 liter)
Arya farm 2011 125 (200 ml)
Nutriorg 2000 170 (500ml)
Dhara 2000 152 (1 liter)
Dabur 2020 248 (1 liter)
Engine 1959 349 (1 liter)
Patanjali 2006 180 (1 liter
24 Mantra 1992 232 (1 liter)

1. Fortune


There is no question that Fortune’s mustard oil is a customer favorite among an incredible number of people in India; in fact, Fortune is among the most well-known brand of mustard oil in the country. By neutralizing the potentially hazardous toxins, it is of great assistance to the digestive process.

Because Fortune employs only the highest quality mustard seeds, it has a beautiful amber color and a distinct fragrance that elevates the taste of anything you cook with it. This is because Fortune uses only the best mustard seeds.

It is 100percent pure, which means that all of its original & natural features have been preserved; as a result, it is extremely nutritious and delectable. Online, a bottle that is 1 liter in size may be purchased for 144.

2. Elworld mustard oil

Elworld mustard

The mustard seeds used in the production of this particular type of mustard oil came from India, which is known for producing some of the world’s highest-quality mustard seeds. It is verified that the farming practices used to cultivate the mustard were natural and did not involve the application of any chemical pesticides; therefore the oil can be categorically referred to as organic in its whole.

In addition to being rich in nutrients, this mustard oil has a shelf life of a year and may be stored for that length of time. Elworld is indeed a brand that specializes in the production of organic commodities and guarantees the customers’ ideal state of health as a result of the consumption of their goods. Mustard oil comes in one-liter bottles, which may be purchased from Online for a total price of 280.

3. Emami


Emami is another company that has over the years become well-known and earned the trust of a significant number of consumers. Additionally, many customers are pleased with the nutrient-rich mustard oil that they sell.

This oil contains a high concentration of the vitamins A, D, and E, in addition to a number of other nutrients that assist to lower the dangers to the health of your heart. The mustard seeds used to make emami mustard oil were hand-selected, and the oil was extracted using apparatus of the highest possible caliber. On Online, you can purchase a jar with a capacity of 5 liters for 700.

4. Arya farm

Arya Farm is indeed a brand that is committed to organic farming practises and products. Each and every one of their products is completely natural and has been grown using procedures that are both controlled and organic. This mustard oil is unfiltered and unadulterated, and it does not include any artificial additions or pesticides.

Because the seeds were pressed at a low temperature in order to extract the oil, it is exceptionally rich in the nutrients & anti-oxidants that are beneficial to your health. In addition to having a gorgeous amber color, it also has a lovely perfume. You may give it a try on your own by purchasing a container of 200 milliliters from online for 125 Rs.

5. Nutriorg

Not only is the consumption of this organic premium cold-pressed mustard oil beneficial to one’s diet, but it is also beneficial to one’s skin and hair. Vitamin E is a nutrient that does wonders for the health of your skin as well as your body as a whole, and the oil is loaded with it.

In addition, Nutriorg Oil is abundant in MUFA, which protect the heart from disease and contribute to its continued good health. The mustard seeds that were utilized to manufacture this outstanding oil were also of the highest possible quality, and they were selected with great care. On Online, a bottle of oil that contains 500 milliliters and costs 170 can be purchased.

6. Dhara


Mother Dairy, a division of National Dairy Board, is the company that produces the brand of edible oil known as Dhara (NDDB). According to Trust Advice, Dhara is the third most desirable brand of edible oil in the Indian market. For more than eight decades, expectant and new moms have put their faith in this product due to its uncompromising purity and superior quality. It has undergone a complete makeover of its packaging over the course of the years, and the result is a brand that appears to be of the highest quality.

It is known for both its spicy flavour and scent that Dhara Mustard Oil possesses.

Both natural alpha-linolenic acid & monounsaturated fatty acid can be found in high concentrations in this food.

It utilizes Low Absorb Tech and is packed with vitamins A with D2, both of which are exceptionally advantageous to one’s health.

7. Dabur


In September of 2020, India’s most successful natural healthcare & Ayurvedic products company, Dabur, also widely regarded as one of the country’s most successful manufacturers of cooking oils, made its debut in the market for edible oils.

It is one of the mustard oil makers in India that is expanding at the fastest rate and it provides cold-pressed mustard oil of a superior grade. It is the 4th biggest FMCG Company in the world and sells a diverse array of items in addition to oils. In a nutshell, it is a complete answer to all of your questions and concerns around grocery shopping.

8. Engine


Shree Hari Industries, often known as Hari Oil Mills, is an Indian firm that produces edible oil and is the proprietor of the Engine brand. It was founded in year 1959 by Lala Haricharan  ever since then, it has been successful in gaining a significant portion of the market by producing oils of the highest possible quality. After receiving the Udyog Pratibha award in 2001 and the Udyog ratan award in 2006, respectively, the business rose to prominence as one of the most successful mustard oil in India.

9. Patanjali


Swami Ramdev & Balkrishna are responsible for founding Patanjali Ayurved Limited, an Indian corporation that specializes in consumer packaged goods. It is one of the most successful Ayurveda product firms in India, and it sells a wide range of food items, cosmetics, and Ayurvedic medicines. Over 30,000 crore was brought in by Patanjali Group in revenue during the fiscal year 2020-21.

It has a dark orange color and a strong, pungent odour, and it is produced using an extraction method that involves the use of a cold press.

Because of the high concentration of monounsaturated fats (MUFA) in the oil, it is an excellent choice for supplementing one’s diet on a regular basis.

This oil is packed with vitamins A, D, and E, plus it has a robust flavor that can really bring out the best in whatever you’re cooking.

10. 24 mantra

24 mantra

When it comes to the production of organic commodities while also working for the improvement of cultivators, 24 Mantra is a brand that can be relied upon and is authentic. In the production of this mustard seed oil, no pesticides or other potentially hazardous chemicals are used at any point.

Because the oil contains a high concentration of anti-oxidants and also has anti-bacterial properties, consuming foods prepared with it ensures that you will maintain a healthy lifestyle. This refined mustard oil has an amber-gold color, and it has been filtered not once, but twice, to remove any impurities and ensure that it is free of any undesired material. Online, you can purchase a bottle that is 1 liter in size for 232.

Mustard Oil Brands Related FAQs

Q1. What is mustard oil good for?

Answer: Mustard oil and mustard essential oil can do a bunch of awesome things! They can help soothe inflammation and pain, fend off nasty microbes, and give your hair and skin a nice boost. You can mix them with a carrier oil and use them in massage oils, face masks, or hair treatments.

Q2. Is mustard oil good for hair growth?

Answer: You bet! Massaging your hair regularly with mustard oil will make it soft, shiny, and super healthy. Thanks to its antioxidant and nutrient-packed goodness, mustard oil can kick your hair growth into high gear.

Q3. Who should avoid mustard oil?

Answer: Hold up! Mustard oil isn’t for everyone. Overdoing it can cause rhinitis, which means an inflamed mucous membrane. Pregnant ladies should also avoid mustard oil because it contains some chemicals that aren’t safe for them or their growing little ones.

Q4. Which is better, desi ghee or mustard oil?

Answer: Both desi ghee and mustard oil have their perks, but ghee takes the place as the better alternative. It’s got a higher smoke point and is super stable. Plus, you can reuse it, unlike mustard oil. Just remember, moderation is key with ghee!

Q5. Which oil is better, mustard or sunflower?

Answer: These days, everyone’s all about sunflower oil because it’s healthier but not so easy on the wallet. Made by crushing sunflower seeds, it’s a neutral oil packed with healthy unsaturated fats. So when it comes to sunflower oil vs. mustard oil, sunflower oil gets the gold star.

Q6. What does Ayurveda say about mustard oil?

Answer: According to Ayurveda, using it for body massages can improve blood circulation, and skin texture, and ease muscle tension. Plus, it activates sweat glands, helping your body get rid of toxins.

Q7. Which Indian state’s mustard oil is famous?

Answer: Rajasthan is the “mustard state” of India, topping the charts when it comes to mustard production. No wonder their mustard oil is so famous!


A natural and unadulterated extract of mustard seeds, mustard oil is loaded with a wide variety of useful properties. It is among the common varieties of oil that may be used for a wide range of applications, and it can be found in almost every household.

Some of the greatest brands of mustard oil are those that have been discussed above. The above-mentioned mustard oils are our favorites because of their high level of purity, their convenient accessibility, and their reasonable cost.

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