Top 10 Best Panties Brands In India

You should put money on undergarments that complement your figure and fit well because they are an integral part of your wardrobe.

Women put a lot of thought into finding the perfect panties brand since it is so crucial to their self-perception. Pantyhose are an essential piece of feminine underwear that all women should always wear.

In addition, your attractiveness could be diminished by tight, ill-fitting pants. While some of us prefer to keep their thongs covered, others relish the opportunity to flaunt them. The top Indian panties brands are presented here.

Panties from the companies on this list are crafted from high-quality fabrics like cotton, nylon, spandex & more to ensure your comfort throughout the day. These materials are ideal for all-day use due to their light weight and breathability.

List of Top Panties Brands In India

Continue reading to know the top 10 best panties brands in India

1. Jockey


Among Indian women, Jockey is the undisputed leader in lingerie popularity. Jockey features a wide variety of products, including casual bras, shorts, and loungewear of the highest quality. This American firm is well-known here in Indian market for its complete items that cater to consumers of varying sizes.

Jockey is a reputable manufacturer of quality underwear for both sexes. We have an inventory of collections and regularly introduce new ones. It is a middle-class Indian brand that distinguishes itself from competitors with its innovative, high-quality, and reasonably priced products. Its unique design makes it stand out from the crowd, making it a favorite among trend-setters. You can find jockey underwear at any department shop or mall.

The starting price of Jockey panties is 249 INR

2. Clovia

Clovia is now a popular option among women of every age group. Both online and in stores, women in India can choose from a wide variety of bra and lingerie options. It is well-known and respected as a quality manufacturer of bras and other undergarments for ladies in India.

Clovia is a reputable lingerie brand known for its range of supportive bras, briefs, and other items. Located in Noida, Utah, the company was established by Nehoy Kant & Pankaj Vermani in 2012.

Wearing a pair of Clovia’s casual briefs will make your day brighter. From classic cotton underwear to ultra-comfortable polyamides, you can find it all here. It offers comfortable, itch-free fabrics as well.

Soft prints & colors can set the tone for the day, while bold prints and styles can inject energy and color into your wardrobe.

Clovia’s starting range of panties is 275 INR.

3. Van Huesen

Van Heusen was founded by Moses Phillips, Drahmin Jones, & John Van Heusen, in 1881. It is an extremely well-known American apparel brand. This Manhattan-based label sells must-try lingerie to fashionistas all around the world.

Combed cotton is used to make these comfortable mid-rise pants by Van Heusen. The antibacterial characteristics of the fabric allow for air circulation and prevent the formation of odors.

Pants from the vast Van Heusen collection are breathable, manufactured entirely of cotton, and treated to kill bacteria. Its Waistband is imprint-free and sweat-repellent. It’s great for casual use because it’s inexpensive and cozy.

You can get hands on the best range of Van Heusen panties starting at 229 INR

4. Calvin Klein

Girls typically go for Calvin Klein underwear because of the brand’s reputation for comfort and luxury. The nicest clothes are offered by this one-of-a-kind label. It has excellent selection of ladies’ undergarments. Customers of his web shop have access to a wide selection of soft pant designs.

Calvin Klein has made women’s basic cotton lingerie just as revealing as lace and lacey underwear by giving it a new, modern twist. Cotton thongs, bikinis, and shorts for boys are available in a wide variety of colors and prints, and you may even buy them in abundance alongside women’s underwear sets.

Browse the selection of coordinating bra, and panty sets for the softest, most supportive CK women’s underwear. Browse our selection of Calvin Klein Women’s Lingerie basics and save money while refreshing your undergarment drawer.

The minimum range of Calvin Klein panties starts at 469 INR

5. Tailor and Circus

In a market that places a premium on toned bodies and lovely skin, Tailor & Circus, with headquarters in Chennai, is the first company to offer men’s and women’s underwear. It has achieved widespread renown. Designers’ models are genuine humans, which mean they all have imperfections like cellulite as stretch marks.

The high-waisted front and back of the Tailor & Circus line of underwear ensures complete coverage and comfort all day long. Coated with an antibacterial agent, they allow for increased airflow, wick away moisture, and dry out rapidly to keep you safe from skin infections. These bikinis, crafted from TencelTM Modal Micro fabric are both classic and contemporary in design.

INR 328 is the starting range for Tailor & Circus panties.

6. Hanes

Hanes, an American clothing company, has been making underwear for ladies since 1901. The company makes affordable, high-quality pants in India. In India, this firm has gained a lot of notoriety. The Hanes lingerie collection can be found in upmarket boutiques and department store flagships around the country.

When it comes to underwear, nobody beats Hanes for comfort, fit, style, or innovation—or for the price. No matter what style of underwear you prefer—boxers, briefs, or boxer shorts—Hanes has you covered with all the conveniences you require. If you want to be as cozy as possible in your first layer, trust Hanes.

Hanes offers its beautiful panty range from 396 INR onwards.

7. Tweens

The brand is at the highest level and has earned a name for itself in the industry with its meticulously chosen range of Tweens’ soft, breathable underwear to fulfill the numerous needs of young age girls, notably teens.

Tween girls have their own unique underwear demands, therefore manufacturers created tween pant styles. They find a happy medium between cutesy and sophisticated, making them ideal for preteens and teens.

Pants for preteen boys and girls are cut to accommodate expanding thighs. They are usually created from breathable, hypoallergenic fabrics that are easy on the skin and allow for freedom of movement, making them ideal for people who lead active lifestyles.

The minimum range of Tweens panties starts at INR 429

8. Commando

You may find all the lingerie and bras you could ever want here. The Commando is guaranteed to be your go-to underwear style forever. Customers can save a lot of money shopping with this company, and its wares can be found on marketplaces like Amazon as well as its own site.

In the Indian market, this is a household name. When it comes to purchasing pants, Commando is also a wealth of knowledge.

Without the restrictions and probable discomfort of pants, going commando may be a liberating and comfortable experience. Some people, especially in hot and humid climates, prefer not to wear undergarments.

The starting price of Commando panties is 659 INR

9. Victoria’s secret

Victoria’s Secret makes some of the chicest and most high-end lingerie labels in India. It’s worth a lot now. Many models like to wear it during a picture shoot since it draws attention to their best features.

Victoria’s Secret underwear is a popular choice for many people. A primary differentiator is the company’s dedication to producing high-quality goods. Victoria’s Secret uses only the finest fabrics and employs skilled tailors to create their underwear, so you know it will last.

Second, the brand features a wide selection of designs, cuts, and colors to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Victoria’s Secret sells a wide variety of underwear styles, including thongs, hipsters, briefs, and more.

Victoria’s secret panties price range begins at INR 1200

10. La Senza

Senza is the most well-known lingerie label in India. You’ll find a large selection of lingerie here that’s sure to please. It has a number of locations in both Mumbai and Delhi. In India, this is a top-tier brand of underwear.

Pants from the La Senza brand are a favorite for many women. To begin with, the modern cuts, patterns, and hues available ensure that there is something for everyone. Second, comfort is a top priority, thus only high-quality materials that are soft on the skin and a snug fit are used. Last but not least, La Senza has established a reliable reputation for itself as a provider of trendy, cozy, and expertly produced underwear.

The premium range of La Senza brand begins at 650 INR only.


For proper posture and all-day comfort, nothing beats high-quality panties. Based on a number of criteria, including fabric quality, design, price range, and availability, we have compiled a list of the top panties brands in India for your perusal.

Of course, you’ll want to stock up on the best panties brands in India after you’re familiar with their latest designs. You should treat yourself to the softest, most non-itchy underwear you can find in preparation for a leisurely party outfit.

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