Top 10 Best Shilajit Brands In India

There are numerous health benefits of consuming shilajit, such as it helps boost testosterone levels, is great for heart health, helps with high altitude sickness, etc. So why people consume shilajit and why it is so popular should be a no-brainer. For those of you who don’t know what shilajit is, well it’s a natural substance that’s the end result of the slow decomposition of plants in the mountain region mainly. There is evidence that shows people have been using shilajit for a very long time, not only just in India but all around the globe. There are centuries-old written entries that show people have been consuming shilajit for its medicinal properties and health benefits.

The only difference in today’s world is that now companies extract shilajit from nature and deliver it in multiple forms, like powder, capsules, and resin. Since many brands actually try to alter shilajit by using chemicals, that’s why it becomes important which brand you’re going with. But don’t you worry now, we’ll be going over the top 10 best shilajit brands in India, so you can try some of these brands and see which one suits your body health and budget as well. Let’s get going then.

List of Best Shilajit Brand In India

Best Shilajit Brand

Brand Name Established Year CEO Head Office
Baidyanath 1917 Vikram Baidyanath Kolkata
Dabur 1884 Mohit Malhotra New Delhi
Patanjali 2006 Acharya Balkrishna Haridwar
Rasayanam Ayurveda 2020 Ayush Aggarwal Faridabad
Upakarma 2017 Vishal Kaushik and Parag Kaushik New Delhi
Zandu 1910 Sandeep Jhunjhunwala Mumbai
Vubasil 2016 Jai Prakash Sankhyan Delhi
VedaPure 2019 Prashant Kumar Delhi
INLIFE 1999 David Whitehouse Hyderabad
Man Matters 2020 Revant Bhate and Dhyanesh Shah Mumbai

1. Baidyanath


Some of you may already know the Baidyanath brand, some don’t. Well, if you have never heard of Baidyanath, then you might not buy any product from this brand and choose other brands. It’s the basic psychology, and renowned brands take advantage of that by extensively advertising their brand and products to people. Baidyanath is one of the oldest brands on our list, yet it’s very underrated because this brand doesn’t advertise too much like other brands. Still, it is one of the most popular brands in India for ayurvedic and 100% organic products. Shilajit offered by Baidyanath is the purest you can get in the market, which is collected manually from the Himalayas. Shilajit tablet packs from Baidyanath are quite popular in India, where they only use clinically proven ingredients.

2. Dabur


As we mentioned earlier, some brands advertise their products extensively, well Dabur is one of them, but it doesn’t mean their product is not worth spending on. Dabur has been in the organic products market for a very long time now, it was established way back in 1884. Unlike Baidyanath, Dabur doesn’t produce 100% organic products, but the shilajit offered by Dabur is quite impressive. Along with just providing shilajit, they have added some other ayurvedic herbs to make their product more effective. With the regular consumption of Dabur shilajit capsules, you can feel increased strength, and stamina. Since you are consuming Dabur shilajit where other ayurvedic herbs are also present, you can expect to fight off disease quite easily because it makes the immune system stronger.

3. Patanjali


If you know yoga guru Baba Ramdev, then you definitely know about his brand Patanjali. When this brand started, it took off within the first year or so because the product quality was awesome. Then came a little controversial period for Patanjali, but this brand survived that as well. As of now, when it comes to ayurvedic products, Patanjali is the top choice of every Indian. This brand sells all sorts of products without using too many toxic chemicals and some of its products are the purest and 100% organic on the market. Shilajit capsules offered by Patanjali can be consumed every day without any issue. The brand claims that their shilajit capsules have anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties, and along with that it also helps you fight many diseases that are becoming more and more common these days.

4. Rasayanam Ayurveda

Rasayanam Ayurveda

Shilajit offered by Rasayanam may seem a little more expensive than others, but this is the purest you can get in the Indian market. Whereas other brands offer shilajit in powder and capsule form, Rasayanam provides you with its original form, which is resin. This brand doesn’t use any other chemicals in its final products, that’s why it is the purest form. However, they perform purification on the manually and organically collected shilajit to filter out all the impurities. Rasayanam’s shilajit contains magnesium, potassium, and zinc which are the essential elements that our body needs to function properly. Since it comes in resin form, that’s why it totally depends upon you how you want to consume it, which is another plus point here.

5. Upakarma


This brand is fairly new in this game, but after its establishment in 2017, it got a lot of attraction from the customers. Some people don’t consume shilajit because it’s very heavy and hot in nature, and Upakarma solved that issue. The shilajit that this brand offers is a little mild as compared to the others, but it’s fairly easy to consume without having any side effects. On top of that, the shilajit packaging offered by Upakarma is super affordable, as compared to the other competitors in the market. When you start to consume this shilajit regularly you’ll be able to feel the difference because of things like improved digestion, healthy skin, better stamina, etc.

6. Zandu



Similar to the Dabur brand, Zandu is another quite famous brand in the Indian market, primarily because of its advertising strategy. It is one of the oldest on our list as well, so brand authority is another reason why people trust this brand. The shilajit offered by Zandu is 100% vegetarian, but it’s not as strong as other brands on our list. For some people, it’s a good thing to consume mild shilajit in small quantities. Since all the ingredients used in Zandu’s shilajit production are clinically certified, there will be no side effects if you consume it for a longer period of time.

7. Vubasil


The shilajit offered by Vubasil is specifically marketed to consumers who want to achieve better stamina, and strength by improving their male hormone levels. If a brand doesn’t temper with pure shilajit, then it is already or naturally made for these purposes. Along with that, shilajit is associated with improving sex drive as well, and Vubasil markets their product for that as well. They also claim that by consuming their shilajit, the healing capability of the human body improves significantly. And this way a person can get benefits in muscle gain without worrying too much about body fat. The price range in which you can get an average packaging of Vubasil shilajit is fairly competitive, or somewhat inexpensive, which is ultimately a good thing for customers.

8. VedaPure


As the name suggests, VedaPure is another brand that provides the purest and 100% organic ayurvedic medicines to its customers. Similar to the brands like Rasayanam Ayurveda, most of the ayurvedic medicines or products offered by VedaPure are somewhat expensive as compared to the other brands on our list. But this brand provides the surety that you’ll get the purest form of ayurvedic medicine on the market. Take their shilajit packaging as an example, it’s not the most affordable one in the market, but for sure the purest you can get. And it is not necessary that only men can consume it, VedaPure markets it as an ayurvedic product for both men and women.



This brand doesn’t seem like a typical ayurvedic product brand. And definitely, its popularity is negligible as compared to other brands like Baidyanath, Patanjali, Dabur, etc. But we’ve added it to our list specifically because of the shilajit pack they offer. The 500mg packaging by INLIFE is very affordable, and it’s quite effective for aging-related problems. Once you start consuming this shilajit, you’ll feel your increasing body energy levels within a few days of using it. Another thing that the INLIFE brand claim is that by using their shilajit, you can improve the healing capability of your body and strengthen your immune system, which ultimately helps you fight many diseases.

10. Man Matters

Man Matters

Men Matters is for sure the newly launched brand on our list, but it managed to establish itself in the market by providing top-notch quality health products. There are just a few brands that offer shilajit in its purest and natural form (resin) and Men Matters is one of those brands. There are no added chemicals and synthetic oils used to change the viscosity of the resin. The manufacturers have only used some herbal ingredients to increase the effectiveness of their final product. Therefore, in the end, you get this Man Matters affordable shilajit which is safe to consume every day without having any side effects.


Alright, these were our top 10 picks when it comes to the best shilajit brands in India. Since we’ve focused on factors like the form of the shilajit, added herbs or chemicals, medicinal property, affordability, and effectiveness of the final product, therefore, it would be unfair if you ignore the brands we have talked about in this list when buying shilajit next time.

Shilajit FAQs

  1. Is It OK to Have Shilajit Every Day?

Ans: Generally speaking, it’s pretty safe to take every day. But hey, we’re all a bit different, so it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor for advice tailored just for you. And keep in mind, the FDA doesn’t keep an eye on supplements like Shilajit. So make sure you’re getting it from a source you trust.

  1. Does Shilajit Increase Sperm Count?

Ans: Yep, there’s some pretty solid evidence that Shilajit can give your sperm count a good bump up. One study showed that guys who took 100 mg of processed Shilajit twice a day for three months had a noticeable increase in both the number and the swimming skills of their sperm.

  1. Is Shilajit Good Before Bed?

Ans: Well, the science isn’t super clear on that one. But what we do know is that Shilajit is kinda like a natural energy drink. That might mean it’s better to take it earlier in your day, so you’re not lying in bed counting sheep all night.

  1. What Is The Best Age To Take Shilajit?

Ans: Is there a perfect age for jumping on the Shilajit train? Not really. But honestly, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. Just like with the daily thing, it is best to check in with your doctor to see if Shilajit is right for you at your stage of life.

  1. Why Do Bodybuilders Take Shilajit?

Ans: So, you might be wondering, why are bodybuilders so into Shilajit? Well, the info out there doesn’t give a straight answer. But yeah, it’s famous for pumping up your energy, and that can be a game-changer when you’re lifting weights or doing any tough workout.

  1. How Do I Know If The Shilajit I’m Buying Is Pure?

Ans: It is true that the FDA doesn’t keep an eye on this stuff, so you’re on your own. The smart move is here to go for a brand that’s had some third-party testing. This way, you know you’re getting the real deal.

  1. How Should Shilajit Be Stored?

Ans: Well, just like any other medicine out there, it is better to store Shilajit in a cool and dark space, but yeah, check the packaging or their website for storage tips.

  1. Can Shilajit Be Taken Along With Other Medications Or Supplements?

Ans: Well, it’s usually safe, but better safe than sorry, right? Best to have a quick chat with your doc to make sure there won’t be any weird mix-ups.

  1. How Long Does It Take To See The Effects Of Shilajit?

Ans: Yeah, there’s no instant answer, but one study did show some guys had a boost in testosterone after about three months. So maybe, be patient and give it some time? If you consume Shilajit on a daily basis, you might start seeing some significant differences in a few weeks or so.

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