Top 10 Best Violin Brands in India

The entertainment and music industries are flourishing because they appeal to a universal interest and enthusiasm. Violin’s popularity is on the upswing because to factors including the expanding music industry, the thirst for knowledge, and the growing number of people interested in picking up the instrument.

Electric and acoustic violins have both become widely available in recent years. The electric instruments are lightweight and have a minimalist, non-traditional design. The uniform nature of these instruments ensures that they are being used at a constant rate. Since the instrument is both appealing to the eye and the ear, its popularity quickly spreads throughout the populace.

List of Top Violin Brands in India

Brand Name Established year Head office Location
Yamaha 1997 Haryana
Mendini NA NA
Cecilio NA NA
Arctic NA NA
Kadence 2015 Bengaluru
Juarez NA Mumbai
Pal Music House NA Punjab
SG Musical 1981 Punjab
Sai musical 2019 Meerut
Musical works 1988 West Bengal

An explosion in demand is anticipated as younger generations increasingly use the product. Furthermore, many schools and music stores start their children off with music lessons with violin while they are quite young. The market could benefit from these factors.

We’ve put together a list of 10 most popular violin brands in India to help you narrow down your options and save time. Check it out!

1. Yamaha


Yamaha violins are highly regarded in the Indian market. Yamaha produces more than just motorcycles; they’re also well-known for their stringed instruments. The Japanese company considers the violin a crucial musical instrument. You may watch every step of the violin making procedure on their website.

Spruce wood, often known as pine wood, is what Yamaha exclusively uses. It’s sturdy yet not heavy, thanks to careful construction. Yamaha violins are unrivalled in tone quality and playability.

Yamaha also offers a variety of musical instruments and accessories in their web store. It has the potential to turn your regular TV set into a high-powered multimedia machine. It also works as a home audio interface.

2. Mendini violin

Numerous Indian cities stock Mendini violins. This brand recognizes that its customers are more likely to shop there if it sells a wide variety of necessities. However, because they are imported from Italy, Mendini violins can be pricey in India.

Mendini violins last longer and sound better than those made by any other brand. The fingerboards and tuning pegs on both the models are made of ebony. The Indian violin maker Mendini produces a wide variety of models. On the other hand, you should know that a good violin won’t come cheap. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced musician, a Mendini violin is a great choice for your violin education.

3. Cecilio

In India, Cecilio violins are often used by budding musicians. The violin is indeed a high-quality classical instrument known for its long sound post.

Clean, easily-tuned strings make it possible for budding artists to play every song with accuracy. Not only has that, but even with a low-quality bow, the violin retained its integrity. In India, you may buy the Cecilio violin at a fair price.

It’s available in your choice of six sizes, three designs, and seven hues. Simple yet sophisticated, this book is ideal for novice readers. The stock movement is appealing, and the tone is rather bright and pleasant.

4. Arctic


Perhaps you’re curious if Arctic violins rank high on the list of the greatest violins sold in India. These instruments are often praised by customers and are noted for being reasonably priced. Arctic violins are widely accessible online and are widely considered to be among the greatest violin brands in India.

All of the parts and accessories, such as the case and bow, come standard on these violins manufactured from premium wood. This brand’s violins come in a rainbow of colors, so you can pick the one that best suits your taste.

Arctic violins tend to be towards the higher end of the pricing spectrum because of the superior quality of the wood utilized in their construction. Because of this, your hands won’t become tired as quickly. The lovely bow that comes with these violins is designed to ease player fatigue.

5. Kadence

Kadence is among the best violin brands in India if you’re seeking for a high-quality instrument at a fair price. The Kadence violin is a great option for those just starting out because it is both portable and accessible.

The bow is of mediocre build quality, consisting of horsehair and wooden components. The violin’s sturdy case contains slots for bows and other accessories. It’s smaller and more trapezoidal than typical violin cases.

Kadence is widely regarded as one of India’s finest violin manufacturers for many good reasons. Its violins are reasonably priced and of superior construction. One might buy one as a gift for themselves or another person to enjoy. Kadence also provides packaging and carrying cases for each violin.

6. Jaurez

A dedicated team of musicians has developed and overseen Juarez. The company’s mission is to increase people’s access to musical instruments. It’s known for making and selling high-quality instruments at affordable prices, including guitars, drum sets, keyboards, and ukuleles. The assortment of violins is quite good.

You may find brown and black full-size violins here. A bridge, fretboard sticker, rosin, mutes, and bow are all included with each violin set. These violins are constructed from a variety of materials. The violins and bows are works of art in and of themselves. Nylon is widely used in the production of the strings.

With so many varieties available at reasonable prices, Juarez has maintained its position as one of the finest Indian violin brands on our list. The superior quality of its offerings is the icing on the cake for its clientele.

7. PAL Music house

When it comes to making musical instruments, PAL MUSIC is among the best in India. There are many different kinds of instruments available, including percussion instruments, bongos, flutes, dholaks, dhols, harmoniums and more.

All of the violins sold at PAL MUSIC HOUSE are crafted with aesthetic considerations in mind. What’s more, it’s one of the few companies that make five-string violins.

It has a wide selection of standard-sized violins and even a few 5-string models. At PAL MUSIC HOUSE, patrons of all skill levels can find something to their liking. Violins are always made of wood without any veneers or other materials.

8. SG Musical

A history of SG Musical may be traced back to 1981. It is well-known for its extensive stock of Indian percussion instruments. Through the years, the company has built a loyal customer base by supplying a wide variety of instruments and accessories.

As a result of their dedication to excellence, SG Musical has become a household name in India for quite some time now. You can rest assured that you’ll be receiving only the best quality from this company’s products.

9. SAI Musical

The Chennai, India, home of SAI MUSICAL is where the group first got its start. SAI MUSICAL offers both Indian & Western musical instruments. The company produces a wide variety of instruments, from pianos to drum sets to harmoniums to a large selection of string instruments. It has expanded its offerings to include instrument accessories.

Violins are constructed from several woods including ebony, spruce, maple rosewood, and cherry. Colors range from brown to red tones. A violin, bow, and rosin are all included in the case that it comes with.

SAI MUSICAL offers a wide selection of violins at reasonable prices. That’s why you should definitely put it to your list of the finest violin brands, as its items are readily available to shoppers of various backgrounds.

10. Musical works

Established in 1988, Musical Works is indeed a music production firm situated in the Indian state of West Bengal. Our production staff is comprised of skilled artisans with decades of combined experience. The brand ensures that each product is tested extensively before being released to the public so that it can continue to be associated with quality and sophistication.

This company collaborates with artisans who have been making instruments for generations. All of the products exhibit the same level of dedication and respect for history. It has a wide selection of both acoustic and electric violins.

Spruce and pine are two of the most prevalent woods utilized in all of the company’s violins.


Some of the companies we’ve highlighted here have been providing customers with quality musical instruments for decades. Some of the brands are well-known, while others are more recent and less well-known. Still, you can rest assured that you’re getting a product of the highest quality from any of the brands out there. Kadence & Juarez are the best bets if you’re looking for a safe bet. Both of these labels are accessible to a wide range of consumers’ budgets.

The finest electric violins are also available. Those in the market for a five-string violin can also find some excellent options. Browse the selection of top-rated Indian violin brands and select the one that strikes your fancy.

Violin FAQs

  1. What Is The Importance Of The Type Of Wood Used In A Violin?

Ans: Have you ever wondered why some violins sound like angels singing while others, well, don’t? A big part of that magic is the wood. Yup, the type of wood can make or break a violin’s sound. Most folks use spruce or maple because they make your violin sound awesome. Oh, and it’s not just about today, how old the wood is and how it’s been treated can change the tune too.

  1. How Does Craftsmanship Affect The Quality Of A Violin?

Ans: Well, a talented violin maker knows the devil’s in the details. We’re talking about the curves in the wood, where to stick the sound post, and stuff like that. Get it right, and you’ve got a violin that not only looks like a million bucks but sounds it too.

  1. Why Are Mendini Violins Considered Reliable?

Ans: You’ve probably heard Mendini violins are solid choices, right? Well, that’s because they’re wallet-friendly and give you a good bang for your buck, especially if you’re just starting out or you’re at that “getting better but not a pro yet” stage.

  1. What Are Some Common Accessories That Come With Violins?

Ans: Buying a violin isn’t a one-and-done thing, there are a few must-haves that usually tag along. You’ll almost always get a bow, some rosin to make the bow grip the strings, and a case to keep it all safe. Oh, and sometimes, there’s a shoulder rest so you can play for hours. These extras make playing, caring for, and storing your violin a whole lot easier.

  1. How Does The Size Of The Violin Affect Its Playability?

Ans: The size of your violin really matters, especially if you’re a kid or someone with small hands. Imagine trying to play basketball with a hoop that’s too high or too low,it wouldn’t be fun, right? The same goes for violins.

  1. How Do I Verify The Authenticity Of A Violin Brand In India?

Ans: Well, first, look for any certificates that say it’s authentic. Take a close look at how well it’s made, and if you can, chat with experts or shops you trust. Oh, and don’t forget to read online reviews, they can give you a heads-up on what’s what.

  1. Is It Advisable To Buy A Used Violin In India?

Ans: Yeah, used violins might have hidden issues, like wear and tear you can’t see at first glance. To play it safe, buy from someone reputable and maybe even have an expert check it out before you take it home.

  1. How Do I Know If A Violin Is Handcrafted Or Machine-Made?

Ans: Well, if it’s handcrafted, you might find a special label or certificate, and the wood carving and varnish will have a unique, personal touch. On the flip side, machine-made violins often look super polished and all alike, but they don’t have that one-of-a-kind feel you get from something made by hand.

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