Different Types Of Blankets For Winters

Winter is rolling around, and you may wanna consider which type of blankets in India you should choose or buy since there are plenty to choose from. That’s why, let’s get down and see what are the different blanket types for winters, and which one will be a perfect fit for you.


1. Comforter

Pretty much everyone has seen one, right? Think of a big, fluffy sandwich made out of two huge pieces of fabric with super cozy stuff like down or cotton in between. Perfect for those chilly nights or when you just wanna snuggle in. While they come in snazzy patterns and colors, remember, some high-class ones might need a trip to the dry cleaners and could be a bit too warm for those hot summer nights.

2. Duvets

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Duvets. They kinda look like comforters, don’t they? But they’re kinda like a comforter with a wardrobe. Instead of buying a whole new blanket, you just switch up the cover, and bam, you’ve got a brand-new look! Though, a little heads up – sometimes the filling can play hide and seek and bunch up.

3. Quilts

See, a quilt is like a sandwich, but with three layers and some epic stitching going on. They’re not too heavy, perfect for those who aren’t fans of the weighted-feeling blankets. Plus, they’re pretty breezy for summer but still bring the heat in winter. Just keep in mind that some quilts are like vintage cars, they need that special touch and care.

4. Throw blankets

Have you ever seen those stylish, petite blankets casually tossed on sofas or lounge chairs? Yeah, those are throw blankets. Not really your go-to for a night’s sleep, but if a power nap is what you’re after or you just wanna level up your living space a bit, these are just perfect.

5. Weighted blankets

See, designed to give you the cozy feel of a hug, weighted blankets can be a real game changer. Especially for those who struggle with sleep troubles, anxiety, or ADHD, the comforting weight can be a balm. Just a heads up though, given their heft, they might give you a bit of a workout during laundry day.

6. Microfiber blankets

Then there are Microfiber blankets which are not only gentle to the touch but also keep those pesky allergens and dust mites at bay, making them a win-win for allergy sufferers. But remember, they don’t really get along with high heat, so, keep them away from those flames!

7. Cotton Blankets

A classic choice, cotton blankets are both lightweight and hypoallergenic. They are breathable, perfect for those who tend to overheat at night, and most are machine-washable. However, they can become heavy when wet.

8. Waffle Weave Blanket

Distinct in appearance, waffle weave blankets are both stylish and functional. Their unique square pattern helps regulate temperature, ensuring you stay warm without overheating.

9. Sherpa Blanket

Have you ever wanted to cuddle with a fluffy sheep? Well, Sherpa sheets get you pretty close. They are incredibly soft and warm, making them perfect for cold winter nights. But keep in mind though, they require specific care to maintain their softness. You may wanna look for some tutorial or follow the guide of the brand when washing or maintaining Sherpa Blankets, that would be the best way to go.

10. Afghan

Finishing off with Afghans, these aren’t just blankets, they’re handcrafted masterpieces. quite literally. Each one tells its own colorful story, keeping you warm while adding a sprinkle of art to your room. They’re a bit on the delicate side, so handle with care!

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