Different Types of Towel For Your Home Use

Buying towels from the market isn’t as easy as you might think, especially when there are so many types of towels available. And no, we aren’t talking about the variety in the fabric and material and all that stuff. No, we are talking about the actual types of towels for different uses. Let’s get to it.


1. Bath Sheets

Well, even before the regular bath towels, we wanna keep the bath sheets on the list because they are also kinda the towel, but much bigger. If you are someone who loves to wrap around your whole body after a relaxing shower or bath, then bath sheets are exactly what you need. That way, you can have your own spa treatment at home.

2. Bath Towels

Then there are regular bath towels which can easily be found in literally every household. Right? And there is not much explaining to do here though. These towels are not too big and not too small, perfect to use to dry up your body after a relaxing bath or shower. And among all the other towel types out there, you’ll have a lot of varieties with these ones in terms of texture, thickness, and size too.

3. Hand Towels

Now, hand towels are kinda the most underappreciated towels in our home. Most of the time, we find them near the sink in the bathroom or kitchen. Whenever we wash our hands, these are the ones that come in handy, quite literally!

4. Face Towels

As the name pretty much gives it away, face towels are for, well, wiping your face after you have washed your face after a long day. You may be wondering why we even need specific towels like face towels, right? Well, the thing is, our facial skin is way too delicate so the towel we use must be a gentle one. And that is why face towels are still relevant.

5. Gym Towels

And just like the previous one, as the name suggests, gym towels are for gym goers. These are the small towels that you can take with you anywhere where you do your workout. You wanna keep a gym towel or two by your side when you are really pushing your body to the limits in the workout. You know, to wipe down all that sweat and get ready for the next set.

6. Kitchen Towels

Among all the other options listed in today’s post, kitchen towels are by far the most versatile ones. Whether it is drying up the fruits or veggies, hands, or handling hot pots or pans in the kitchen, these towels are perfect for anything like that.

7. Hair Towels

You may have heard numerous times that you shouldn’t be rubbing your hair with a regular towel right after a shower or bath. Right? Well, that is just to keep your hair healthy, and you should definitely dry out your hair properly. And that is precisely where hair towels come into play.

8. Beach Towels

Then there are beach towels too. These towels are a bit bigger than the regular bath towels but made just right to handle the harsh sunlight and the sand rubs. When lying on a beach, you wouldn’t wanna scratch yourself up with those sharp sand particles, right? Well, that’s why you should be using beach towels.

9. Spa Towels

Spa towels are the softest and the most gentle type of towels out there. Of course, they are a little more expensive than regular towels, but you’ll totally fall in love with one if you have never used a spa towel before.

10. Foot Towels

Now, you might think that a towel just for drying your foot is a straight-up luxury, right? Well, you’re not wrong. But you should know that foot towels are also a thing.

11. Paper Towels

You may have heard of paper towels before, right? They’re kinda like tissue paper, which you just use and throw. The same thing is with paper towels, and there are certainly a lot of uses for paper towels like wiping spills, quick clean-ups, cleaning windows, and whatnot.

12. Pet Towels

And then there are pet towels, which are the towels used for our furry companions. Yup, then need gentle care too, just like you. So if you have a cat or a dog pet in your house, you may wanna invest in a good quality pet towel to properly dry out their fur after giving them a bath.

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