Top 10 Best Hing Brands In India

Asafoetida or Hing as it is commonly known, is one of the most important spices in every kitchen across the Indian subcontinent. That’s because when you use just a pinch of Hing in a dish, it does its magic and you get that incredibly tasty flavor and aroma. On top of that, there are several health benefits of using Hing regularly when cooking, so yeah that’s kind of like the cherry on top. And if you use Hing on a regular basis, you may already know that there are literally dozens of brands that sell Hing in India.

But when it comes to buying the best or the purest Hing, you may find yourself a little confused because of those dozens of brand options. That’s the prime reason why we are here with the list of the top 10 best Hing brands in India for 2023. So if you are interested in knowing which brand sells the most authentic, aromatic, and purest Hing in the country, then you may wanna stick to this post until the end. Here we go.

List Of Top Hing Brands In India

Brand Name Established Year Head Office
MDH Hing 1919 New Delhi
Everest 1987 Mumbai
Catch 1987 Delhi
Pushp 1974 Indore
Patanjali 2006 Haridwar
Tata Sampan 1868 Mumbai
Tassayam 1945 Delhi
Ramdev Strong Hing 1989 Ahmedabad
Holykitchen 2002 Hathras
Urban Platter 2015 Mumbai

1. MDH

MDH Hing

When you think of MDH, picture a young man, freshly arrived in the bustling city of Delhi, peddling his spices with hope in his heart. This was Mahashay Dharampal Gulati, a torchbearer of his father, Mahashay Chunnilal’s dream that began in 1919 in Sialkot, now Pakistan. From peddling spices on Delhi streets to laying the foundation of a spice factory in 1959, the journey of MDH (Mahashian Di Hatti Private Limited) is nothing short of a spicy saga. With an iconic face that every Indian recognizes and trusts, MDH’s array of preservative-free offerings and a legacy of quality tickle the taste buds of millions. All in all, MDH is truly the best spice brand in the country, and you can go with their Hing with your eyes closed, and you’ll be good for the most part.

2. Everest

Everest is more than just a name. For over half a century, this brand has been a symbol of trust in India. Founded in 1967 by the visionary Late Shri Vadilal Bhai Shah, Everest began its humble journey from a tiny 200 square feet spice shop. Vadilal Bhai’s dream was simple, to bring only the finest spices to Indian homes. For him, taste wasn’t just a preference; it was a promise. He firmly believed that to get the best taste, one must never compromise on quality. This philosophy became the cornerstone of Everest. Fast forward to today, and the brand stands tall as India’s premier manufacturer of pure and blended spices. It’s no surprise then that the brand has been honored with the coveted Superbrand status not once, but eight times. In 2014, Everest introduced “Hingraj” under its banner, quickly becoming a favorite. This success wasn’t accidental. It was the outcome of Everest’s dedication to purity, authenticity, and freshness.

3. Catch

Take it like this, every kitchen in India is a symphony of flavors, and Catch Spices provides the notes. Indian dishes, beloved around the world, owe their rich taste and aroma to carefully selected spices. Among them, Hing stands out for its distinct flavor and medicinal qualities. Catch Foods ensures that every spice it produces, including Hing, maintains the right balance of flavor, color, and aroma. Their spices are sourced from the best places, ensuring they don’t just enhance the taste but also offer health benefits. The commitment Catch displays in offering the best quality spices, capturing the very essence of Indian dishes, has made them a preferred choice in countless Indian households.

4. Pushp

Alright, have you ever tried something so flavorful and thought, “Woah, that’s some good spice!”? Well, chances are, Pushp Masale might be behind that magic. These folks have been grinding it out since 1974. Born and brought up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, this brand is now a huge name in the Indian spice scene. Pushp is all about that real Indian flavor. Remember when our grandmas would grind spices by hand? Just to get the perfect aroma for the curry? Pushp is giving a shoutout to those traditions. They’re basically like, “Hey, we get you. And we’re here to make sure your food tastes just as amazing.” That’s probably why so many homes in India trust them. And their Hing is something special. No fake stuff, no artificial colors, just pure goodness.

5. Patanjali

Okay, let’s now talk about Patanjali. Ever heard of Baba Ramdev? Yoga guru, right? He, along with his buddy Acharya Balkrishna, started this brand in 2006 in Haridwar. While Baba Ramdev gets everyone all stretchy with yoga, Balkrishna is the genius behind Patanjali’s massive product lineup. Based in Delhi and Haridwar, they make everything from beauty stuff to food. And you may be wondering what’s the deal with their Hing? Well, like everything else they make, it’s all-natural. And they’re big on ‘swadeshi,’ that’s stuff made locally. With their clear-as-day manufacturing processes and a big name like Baba Ramdev backing them, it’s no wonder folks trust this brand.

6. Tata Sampann

Tata Sampann is a super-cool brand that comes under the big umbrella of Tata Consumer Products. They’ve got everything, from your morning tea or coffee to spices that’ll make your meals pop. Need a quick snack? They’ve got it too. But what’s the magic word here? Well, it’s Purity. Tata Sampann is all about keeping things real and authentic. It’s like they’ve taken a promise to give our taste buds a treat while keeping everything wholesome and hearty. And let’s spill some beans. A major reason why they’re rocking the Indian market? It’s the Tata trust factor. People know when they pick up a Tata Sampann product; they’re getting top-notch quality. Now, about Tata Sampann’s Hing, it’s just as pure and high-grade as their other stuff. No fake colors, no weird preservatives.

7. Aachi

You know that distinct taste of South Indian dishes that makes you go, “Mmm”? Well, the secret behind that could be Aachi! Starting its journey in 1995, Aachi Group was the brainchild of Mr. A.D.Padmasingh Isaac. It is true that in many homes when people think of quality spices, they think of Aachi. And speaking of quality, have you tried their Hing? It’s like the superstar of the kitchen, stealing the spotlight with its purity and mouth-watering aroma. It’s no wonder Aachi’s Hing got the title of one of India’s best in 2023! With Aachi, every pinch added to your dishes feels like a sprinkle of authenticity. And that’s probably why so many kitchens across India trust them.

8. Ramdev Strong Hing

Beginning its spicy saga in Ahmedabad, Ramdev started as a humble brand. The journey kicked off in 1965, all thanks to the vision of Late Shri Rambhai Patel. Fast forward to 1972, and Hasmukhbhai Patel was cutting the ribbon for the very first Ramdev masala factory. But what makes Ramdev extra special? They wrap their products with a ribbon of Indian values. So, every time you taste their spice, it’s like getting a hi-five from tradition. Now, here’s the cool part. Ramdev gets their hing all the way from Afghanistan. Why? Because that’s where you get the best of the best Hing in the world. And since they’re so committed to keeping things pure and top-notch, you know you’re getting only the best from Ramdev.

9. Holykitchen

Have you ever heard of Holykitchen? If you’re into spices, especially the unique Asafoetida (or as most of us in India call it, ‘Hing’ or ‘Heeng’), then you gotta know about them! So, Holykitchen has been making Hing in India for 20 years. Yeah, that’s two whole decades! Even though Hing wasn’t originally from India, it’s been added to our dishes for so long that it feels like it’s one of ours. From simple potato curry (dum aloo) to the delicious ‘hing kachori’, it’s everywhere! Funny enough, even though we Indians love hing and use it so much, we never really grew it here until recently. But Holykitchen? They’ve always been there, making sure everyone gets their favorite spice.

10. Urban Platter

Okay, last but certainly not the least we’ve got Urban Platter. If Holykitchen is the king of Hing, then Urban Platter is like the supermarket of special, tasty, and unique foods! Oh, and their Hing? Just as amazing as everything else they have. Quality? Check. Authenticity? Double check. They’re all about healthy living, and with their vegan approach, they’re hitting the right notes. Always on the lookout for what’s trending in the food world, Urban Platter is a go-to for anyone who loves trying out new, exciting stuff. So, if you’re into cooking or just love eating (like us!), you might want to give them a try.


That’s it. Now you are aware of the fact that out of all the confusing options out there, these are the top 10 best Hing brands in India that you can never go wrong with. Just pick any Hing brand from this list as per the price, aroma, and purity of the Hing, and we promise you that you’ll be good for the most part.

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