Top 10 Best Beer Brands In India

Beer is a mild alcoholic drink that is cherished in every region of the world and is enjoyed by millions and millions of people on a yearly basis all over the world. Beer, which has been traced back to some of the earliest known human civilizations in Israel, is widely considered to be the ideal alcoholic drink for the warm weather months due to its crisp flavor and relatively low alcohol concentration.

The term “beer” comes from the Old English or Common Germanic term “bor,” which roughly translates as a drink that is sweet but potent and is created from honey & fruits. Beer gets its name from these two words.

Beer was already an established element of popular culture during the time when the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt were being built, and it has since grown to be one of the most widely consumed beverages all over the world.

The best thing about beer is it allows you to get amazing selections and a big quantity of the beverage on a budget that is not typically the case with much more costly spirits like whisky, gin, or wine.

This is the finest part about beer. In the event that you are looking for a delicious beer to enjoy by yourself or with those you care about, we have compiled a listing of the most popular beer brands that are now sold in India. This list includes both foreign and domestic brands of beer.

List of Top Beer Brands In India


Brand Name Established Year CEO Head Office
Kingfisher 2003 Vijay Mallya Maharashtra
Turborg 2009 Sanjeev Saharan Gurugram
Haywards 5000 1974 Anthony W.B Hayward Kanpur
Carlsberg 2006 Nilesh Patel Gurugram
Budweiser 2007 Kartikey Sharma Gurugram
Fosters 1997 Trevor O’Hoy Bangalore
Corona 2020 Kartikey Sharma Bangalore
Heinkens 1873 Rishi Pardal Bangalore
Miller 2011 Shalbh Seth Bangalore
Royal Challenge 1886 Bhupesh Bhandari Gurugram

1. Kingfisher

Kingfisher Beer

In spite of stiff competition from a number of domestic as well as foreign brands, Kingfisher has maintained its position as India’s most popular, highest-rated, and market-leading beer brand.

The flavor is easygoing and refreshing, and there is a generous amount of malt, both of which contribute to the product’s widespread appeal.

It is the brand of beer that has been sold the most outside of India, making it the market leader. United Breweries Group, formerly run by Vijay Mallya, known as “The Liquor King of India,” is the company that produces Kingfisher, also known as “The King of Good Times.”

In point of fact, Kingfisher is not only a product but also a way of life for the vast majority of people in India, and it justifiably claims the number one spot on this list.

2. Tuborg



Since it first entered the Indian market in 2007, Tuborg has been able to climb to the number two spot on the list of the country’s 10 best beer brands. Because of its airy and refreshing flavor, it has had little trouble winning over the hearts of Indians.

Two of the most well-liked and best-selling sub-products of Tuborg are Green and Strong. In honor of the company’s birthday, Tuborg Red is a limited-edition beer that is created just once every 12 months.

The drink is well-known for its silkiness, and it is common knowledge that four different kinds of hops were utilized in the brewing of this beer. Additionally, the pricing is really reasonable.

3. Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000

One of the most popular brands of beer in India, Haywards 5000 generates annual sales of more than 15 crores. It first went on sale in 1983 and therefore is crafted using malt of the highest possible quality.

The flavor is not overly rough, but it has a satisfyingly robust quality. This Haywards 5000 label denotes a potent sub-product that has an alcohol content that is around 7% of the whole.

Haywards is able to fulfil the extremely demanding requirements of its Indian clients. This brand of beer is produced by the multinational company SAB Miller.

Haywards Black & Haywards 2000 are two examples of the lighter varieties that are available.

4. Carlsberg

Carlsberg Beer

Carlsberg is among the most well-known brands of beer produced anywhere in the world. They are a brewing conglomerate that has ownership over more than one hundred different beer brands.

Carlsberg was established in 1847, and in the 1990s it began expanding rapidly by acquiring other breweries, which contributed to its quick expansion. This beer brand now enjoys a stable position in the Indian Market because to its popularity there.

Carlsberg Beer, Carlsberg Lager, and Carlsberg Pilsner are some of the names that are used to refer to this product. The Pilsner is an alluring combination of bitter and sweet flavors that has garnered a lot of attention from us, the consumers in India.

On this ranking of best beer brands available in India, they come in at a price that is significantly more than the majority of the others.

5. Budweiser

Budweiser beer

The beer that was once considered the king of all beers isn’t exactly the lord of the world anymore, but it’s getting there.

This traditional pale ale hails all the way from the United Kingdom. It is typically brewed with Golden Promise malt extract, complete leaf hops, plus Knowle spring water and the result is a beer that is malty and zesty, with a long and bitter aftertaste.

However, Budweiser is having a hard time maintaining its leadership position. The failure of both Bud Light & Budweiser to gain market share contributed to the 3.1% decline in sales that Anheuser-Busch InBev saw during the second quarter.

They take into account all of the company’s clients, guaranteeing that even those who live in areas with tight restrictions around alcohol can be supplied versions of the beer with lower alcohol content.

6. Fosters

Fosters beer

Fosters made its way onto our list of the 10 Best Beer Brand in India and took the sixth spot overall. MillerCoors is the distributor of this pilsner light beer, which has an alcohol content of 4.2% and is a lager.

The beer competes with Bud Light beer for a portion of the market that Bud Light beer currently owns.

Per one hundred grams, it contains 3.2 milligrams of carbohydrates, just under 1 milligram of proteins, and 0 milligrams of fat, and it packs 96 kilojoules of energy.

The majority of people who drink beer are females and individuals who do not wish to consume a significant amount of alcohol.

We are grateful to Pilsner for providing a Miller Lite that only contains 4.2% alcohol.

7. Corona

Corona Beer

Corona is a brand of beer that is made by Diageo Beverages Company. It has become one of the most well-known and prosperous beer brands in the entire globe.

At this time, the beer is being brewed in at least fifty different countries. A flavor similar to that of burnt toast is imparted to the band by the use of roasted malted and unmalted barley in its production.

When the beer is poured, carbon dioxide plus nitrogen are introduced, which causes a reaction that produces a head that is dense and velvety. This head is what gives the beer its distinctive appearance.

Corona Original Can, Corona Extra Stout, Corona Zero ABV, and, Corona Extra Smooth, are just few of the kinds of Corona that are available for your drinking pleasure.

8. Heinken

Fans of this beer can be found in every region of the world thanks to its widespread distribution. Since its founding in 1864 in Amsterdam, the Heineken brewery has become well-known for the distinctive green glass bottles that it sells.

It’s possible that the flavor of this college favorite will change when you drink it out of a can. This is because beer stored in bottles made of amber-colored glass is less likely to go bad than beer stored in green glass.

In addition to the classic Heineken lager that is so well-known and well-loved, the company also manufactures a number of other beers. However, it is more difficult to locate these beers than the trademark lager that is flavor that is smooth and clean and is also lightly hoppy.

9. Miller

Miller Beer

Miller, which is brewed by Asahi Breweries, Ltd., is the most well-known brand of beer in Japan and is now ranked as one of the best ten beer brands worldwide for 2022.

Their beers are available in a wide variety of tastes, aromas, and alcohol concentrations; each of these aspects is suitable for a distinct market niche.

Miller Beers are put through rigorous quality assurance and production standards, which is a large part of the reason why the brand was given the World Quality Selection Gold Award in 2012.

At the 2005 Australian International Beer Awards, it was awarded the 2nd place in the taste category. These awards are held every two years.

10. Royal challenge

Royal Challenge comes in at number ten on the list of the best beer brand in India, but that does not mean it is the least popular. If you’re one of those people who believes that all light beer seem boring and too sugary, then you should give Royal Challenge beer a shot.

They have lately entered the market for beer after having much success in the area of the industry that deals in hard liquor. This beer has a taste that is predominantly sweet, but it does have a malty finish and a little dry aftertaste. However, the sweet taste dominates the experience overall.

Those who prefer their beers to have more flavor than Bud and Kingfisher will enjoy the variation that this offers.

Beer Brands Related FAQs

Q1. What is the shelf life of a beer?

Answer: Bottled beer has a six-month shelf life if stored in the fridge. Beer in bottles can go worst in as little as three months if kept in a warm place. Crowlers & growlers, on the other hand, go bad faster than other types of containers.

Q2. Can the taste of beer change in heat?

Answer: Heat doesn’t produce any one particular off flavor. Instead, it promotes oxidation and its associated reactions. Some beers acquire a stale, cardboard-type taste and a hint of sherry from oxidation. Even maltier beers can take on a sweetness, breadiness, and toffee-like flavor.14

Q3. Can I put my beer in refrigerator?

Answer: Like milk, beer lasts longer if refrigerated. If you put per gallon of 2% in the fridge, it will keep much longer than if you leave it out on the counter. Beer, like wine, tastes best when chilled, thus refrigeration is recommended.

Q4. What is an appropriate temperature for storing beer?

Answer: Somewhere between 50-55% Fahrenheit is an appropriate temperature for storing beer.

Q5. Is beer an alcoholic drink?

Answer: Beer’s alcohol content is relatively modest compared to that of other alcoholic beverages, only around 4-6% ABV. The quantity of alcohol in a beer, however, may differ depending on the brand.

Q6. Can 17 year old drink beer?

Answer: 17 or below, a child’s health can be negatively affected by alcohol consumption. The growth of the brain, liver, bones, and hormones can all be negatively impacted by this.

Q7. Is beer can good or a bottle?

Answer: In all honesty, it is up to you and the circumstances of your drinking. Cans are more convenient for transport, but they don’t keep beverages cold for long. Bottles are better at preserving cold temperatures for longer periods of time, and some people prefer drinking directly from them, although they can be damaged by sunlight.


The leading beer companies in India are listed above; each of these companies produces a wide variety of product iterations. There are several names among these megabrands that you might not even be familiar with, much less have ever tried.

As a result, the challenge lies in navigating the dizzying array of options currently available as a result of the proliferation of new varieties, brands, and brewers.

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